Saving tips from an almost broke girl

16/01/2018   Meg McKenna, Content Producer

What savings tips can an almost broke millennial possibly have to share? Turns out, a period of overspending can put the basics into perspective.

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The cost of convenience

12/01/2018   Kate Elliott, Marketing Manager

Reflecting on the year that was, our Marketing Manager ponders the cost of convenience and whether it's worth it.

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Christmases past, present and future
How to keep cheer alive and not break the bank

20/12/2017   Stacey Wraight, Paraplanner

It’s never too early to plan for next Christmas…

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Sending your child to school - what's the cost?

14/12/2017   Tammy McLaren, Trust Accountant

There’s more than meets the eye when you’re considering the price of sending your child to school. Trust Accountant Tammy McLaren, breaks down the bills for you – seen and unseen.

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Stepping into minimalism

12/12/2017   Whitney Lian, Financial Planning Administration Assistant

For a lot of us, our financial life is far from minimalistic. We are obsessed with spending money we don’t have. Financial Planning Administration Assistant, Whitney Lian tells it simply – so you can spend more time focusing on the things that actually matter.

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How to apply for NRAS in 10 simple steps

07/12/2017   Sarah Holdsworth, Leasing Consultant and Property Portfolio Manager

If you’ve found an NRAS property online and are enticed by the reduced rent, you may be wondering how you can make this your next home. Leasing Consultant and Property Portfolio Manager Sarah Holdsworth breaks down how to easily apply for properties under the National Rental Affordability Scheme.

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Property Q&A: What to expect between contract sign and settlement

15/11/2017   Monica Jiang, Property & Contracts Coordinator

Do you know what happens in that time between signing a contract of sale and settlement of your investment property? Property & Contracts Coordinator Monica Jiang discusses what you need to know.

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The dangers of a desk-bound lunch

06/11/2017   Alison Nguyen, Accounts Administrator

No matter how busy you are, eating lunch at your desk is not a good idea. Alison Nguyen, Accounts Administration, explains why.

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2027 – The age of the renter

19/10/2017   James Hickey, Property Portfolio Manager

With property prices on the rise, more and more people are turning to renting as their preferred living situation. It’s with this changing landscape in mind property portfolio manager James Hickey casts his eyes to 2027; a year many believe will dawn the age of the renter.

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Tax deductions for nurses

03/10/2017   Kezia Eman, Accountant

Are you a nurse, wanting to make the most out of your tax return? Who wouldn’t?! The best way to maximise your chances of a refund is to make deductions. But what deductions can you make as a nurse? Accountant Kezia Eman breaks it down for us.

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Routine inspections explained

28/09/2017   Sarah Holdsworth, Leasing Consultant & Property Portfolio Manager

Routine inspections are regular part of the job for property portfolio managers, but as a tenant or a landlord you may not know what’s involved in this type of inspection. Sarah Holdsworth explains the process and what you need to know.

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Valuation of assets in SMSFs

14/09/2017   Linda Vong, Accountant

Determining accurate valuations of your SMSF investments has become increasingly important in light of recent changes within the superannuation environment. Linda Vong explores what this means.

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Doom and're in trouble!
August 2017 eBulletin Introduction

30/08/2017   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

John Hopkins discusses the problem with predictions of doom and gloom in relation to the property market, following a recent episode of ABC's Four Corners.

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Game of Thrones and seven lessons in economics and finance

28/08/2017   Myra Talha, Corporate Accountant

As Game of Thrones has captured the imaginations of readers and television enthusiasts alike, Corporate Accountant Myra Talha explains that there are real life economic lessons that can be learnt from this fantastical work of fiction. Beware Game of Thrones fans – this post is dark and full of spoilers.

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Your new property purchase is only a hop, skip and a jump away!

03/08/2017   Loreen Dyer, Finance and Mortgage Adviser

Think you’ve found the perfect property? Great! But do you know what happens next? Finding a property is only the first part of the story – there’s a lot that happens after finding your dream home or investment, so it pays to get expert advice before you sign on the dotted line.

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Fighting condensation and mould this winter

25/07/2017   Lauren Wilden-Ross, Property Portfolio Manager

Condensation is a common problem affecting homes in winter. And where there’s moisture, there’s the potential for mould. Thankfully, there are ways you can control the growth and spread of this pesky fungus.

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Are you scared of the future?
July 2017 eBulletin Introduction

10/07/2017   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

With all that is happening in the world at the moment, it can be easy to be consumed by fear. But in his recent eBulletin introduction, John Hopkins argues that we must not let fear hold us back from taking actions to secure our financial future.

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Teaching your kids good money habits

09/06/2017   Pauline Grech, Receptionist

Teaching children how to be smart with money starts at home, and is reinforced every day through real world practice. Receptionist Pauline Grech explains how this philosophy works for her and her kids.

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Five budgeting tips for first time renters

29/05/2017   Kristy Hopkins, Senior Property Portfolio Manager

Deciding to move into your first rental property can be very exciting – but if you fail to factor in some budgeting basics, things can go wrong very quickly. Luckily, we’re here to help you get started on the right foot, by breaking down the five things you need to know before you move out of home.

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Our take on Budget 2017


Whether you're a member of Gen Y, are a little older in the wealth building stage of your career, or are about to retire/are a recent retiree, we've got a Budget breakdown for you.

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You are a thief! | April 2017 eBulletin Introduction

28/04/2017   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

In an introduction for our April 2017 eBulletin, John Hopkins is scathing of the shock jocks and their biased coverage of the negative gearing debate

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What can Warren Buffett teach us about investing?

27/04/2017   Darren Rieger, Manager of Paraplanning and Financial Services Administration

Most investors who have the ambition to be the next Warren Buffett usually make the most obvious mistake on their path to expected fortune…they fail to consult the learnings of Warren Buffett himself!

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The trials and tribulations of funding conception

19/04/2017   Chani Unger, Marketing Coordinator

For many, the decision to start a family and bring a baby into the world is a time of joy and excitement. However for an increasing number of Australians, it can also be a time of worry, financial burden and emotional turmoil.

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Changes to Stamp Duty Concessions in Victoria

27/03/2017   The Hopkins Group

The Victorian Government has proposed changes to current stamp duty charges, to take effect from 1 July 2017, with the aim of easing housing affordability for first home buyers.

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Gen Y: Time to get a grip on your finances with Bubbles, Beer & Budgeting


Gen Y has the world at its feet – but can it afford to make the most of the opportunities thrown its way? Sign up for our Bubbles, Beers & Budgeting workshop to get a grip on your financial future.

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Self-imposed exile won’t HELP you avoid HECS Repayments

20/03/2017   Rachel Williams, Director of Accounting

The days of running away overseas to avoid your HECS-HELP repayment obligations are coming to an end from July 1 2017.

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Credit Cards: The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

17/03/2017   The Hopkins Group

Credit cards can be a very valuable tool if they are used correctly and responsibly – but used wrongly, you can find yourself in a whole spot of bother. In this blog post, Jordan Page discusses some of the advantages to owning and using a credit card with care.

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In reply | ‘’What I wouldn’t buy: Five successful investors share their advice”

02/03/2017   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

Domain recently published an article titled “What I wouldn’t buy: Five successful investors share their advice”. An associate of John Hopkins wrote to us to seek John’s views on comments made in the article. This blog post provides an edit of John’s reply.

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Q&A | Keys to Success Webinar

01/03/2017   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

On 1 March 2017, John presented his Keys to Success webinar. We received a couple of interesting questions during the webinar that we felt required a more in depth answer than what was possible in the live chat facility. We're pleased to share these questions and answers to you here.

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How to keep financially healthy with a baby on the way

28/02/2017   Samantha Wang, Corporate Accountant

What does growing your family mean for you? For Corporate Accountant Samantha Wang, it’s a wonderful time that brings to mind thoughts of those tiny, glorious, bundles of joy that are babies. But have you considered the financial impact a baby can have on your life?

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Trumped by the truth

24/02/2017   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

In an introduction for our February 2017 eBulletin, John Hopkins provides his assessment of the world where Trump is President and lies flow like currency.

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How to be Uber smart with your tax responsibilities

23/02/2017   Abigail Korsmit, Graduate Accountant

Australia may have been slow to take up Uber originally, but these days, it’s full steam ahead for the thousands of drivers who have signed up with the global ride provider.

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When sacrifice can be a good thing

17/02/2017   Brendan Peach, Associate Financial Planner

Salary sacrificing is one such strategy that can be adopted to help in your long term savings plan. It might seem like a small and insignificant change, but in the grand scheme of things, it can really pack some punch.

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How to live a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget
Kate's guide to saving for a European holiday

27/01/2017   Kate Elliott, Marketing Manager

New year, new me. We’ve heard it all before – the strike of midnight on New Year’s Eve inspires grandiose plans for health, fitness and savings goals. But how long do they last?

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Getting smart with money

20/01/2017   Mitchell Ryan, Financial Planning Administration Assistant

Mitchell Ryan shares some useful tips on how to become a more savvy investor, helping you – or your kids – to achieve those financial goals.

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12 Days of Christmas

01/12/2016   The Hopkins Group

The Hopkins Group puts its own festive spin on the traditional 12 days of Christmas!

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Ten reasons why you should select The Hopkins Group to manage your investment property

28/11/2016   Tannaya Jessop, Property Portfolio Manager

Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just starting out, an experienced property manager can be your greatest asset for the continued care of your investment property. As we count down to Christmas, property portfolio manager Tannaya Jessop lists the reasons why The Hopkins Group’s property management department could be the best team to have on your side.

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Upcoming Centrelink concerns for Australian retirees

24/11/2016   Anthony Malvaso, Senior Financial Planner

While a majority of the Australian population will be ringing in the new year with grand plans and resolutions, hundreds of thousands of retirees could kick off 2017 on the back foot. Senior Financial Planner Anthony Malvaso looks at the incoming Centrelink changes and what it could mean for your payments.

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How do you do Christmas?

23/11/2016   The Hopkins Group

The Hopkins Group took to the streets to find out how busy Melburnians (and some happy tourists!) are planning to celebrate Christmas this year.

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Parlez-vous investment?

17/11/2016   The Hopkins Group Financial Planning Team

Does ‘investment speak’ sound like a foreign language to you?! It doesn’t have to be as overwhelming as it may seem.

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Personal Services Income - Contractors beware!

14/11/2016   Bobbie Adams, Senior Accountant

Working for yourself as a contractor can provide a lot of freedom – and the opportunity to take advantage of some clever tax breaks if you set yourself up properly. But as Bobbie Adams finds out, sometimes you have to play by the rules.

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A generational shift

07/11/2016   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

In an introduction for the November 2016 eBulletin, John Hopkins provides an insight into the generational shift we are seeing at The Hopkins Group, not just in our clients, but also our staff.

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Drop in average client age for SMSF setups

31/10/2016   Michael Williams, Managing Director

As our average client age decreases, so does the average age of those exploring self managed superannuation funds for their ongoing super needs. Michael Williams explores this trend.

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Vacating 101 – The Condition Report

25/10/2016   Claire Weekley, Leasing Consultant/Property Portfolio Manager

Moving out of a rental should be an easy process – but it can be difficult if you don’t know what to expect. Claire Weekley takes us through one of the key components of the vacate process – the condition report.

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Maximising your tax savings with your investment property

29/09/2016   Linda Vong, Accountant

If you have a negatively geared investment property, you’ll want to know how to make the most of the tax deductions available to you. Linda Vong from our accounting team gives us the lowdown.

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Footy finals fever hits The Hopkins Group!

29/09/2016   The Hopkins Group

It's every man and woman for themselves when it comes to footy rivalry at this time of year!

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VCAT demystified

26/09/2016   Samandah Matty, Property Portfolio Manager

The halls of VCAT can be avoided with the right management. But what happens when disaster strikes? Samandah Matty explores.

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Somersault into your super thanks to a backflip from the Government

22/09/2016   The Hopkins Group

It’s been a week since the Federal Government announced its backflip on its proposed superannuation reforms, and now that the dust has settled, it’s time to look at the impact the reworked measures will have on your plans for retirement.

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Zero per cent vacancy in August 2016? It happened!

15/09/2016   The Hopkins Group

An investment property leased in a timely manner, to a quality tenant, is a landlord’s dream come true. So let’s introduce you to the team that made dreams a reality this August, achieving 0% vacancy across their portfolio of 657 properties.

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To borrow, or not to borrow; the important bottom lines

30/08/2016   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

Borrowing money to invest is a strategy as old as investing itself. John Hopkins discusses financial gearing in his August eBulletin introduction.

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Negative gearing is here to stay, what did we dodge?

29/07/2016   Stephen Phillips, Executive Property Investment Adviser

In his first video blog, Executive Property Investment Adviser Stephen Phillips tells us how Labor's proposed changes to negative gearing would have altered the Australian rental market.

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All I Want for Christmas (in July) is a Juicy Tax Refund

20/07/2016   Bobbie Adams, Senior Accountant

Having beavered away for the last twelve months earning an income - whether as an employee or through business - it is time to lodge your tax return and get back some of your tax dollars if you can.

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New Years Resolutions: Six Months Later

01/07/2016   The Hopkins Group

Our staff are on track for their new year's resolutions, are you?

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How to get good financial advice

21/06/2016   Darren Rieger, Manager of Paraplanning and Financial Services Administration.

Finding a financial adviser can be easy, though finding a financial adviser that works for you and your circumstances can be difficult. But it doesn’t have to be, if you follow our helpful tips.

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Reality of retirement

07/06/2016   The Hopkins Group

In March 2016, we asked our Facebook friends what they feared most about their retirement. Head of Advice Shane Light and Senior Financial Planner Anthony Malvaso, sifted through the comments to answer what it takes to achieve a long and comfortable retirement.

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North is the new black


With its trendy boutiques, gourmet dining culture and community vibe, Melbourne’s inner north is fast becoming an aspirational place to call home for people who want to balance a city fringe lifestyle with a community vibe.

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The importance of landlords insurance

31/05/2016   Lorena Smirnis, Head of Property Management

If you own an investment property, landlords insurance provides peace of mind and coverage for the things you might not necessarily think about until it’s too late.

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Mortgage rates see another cut – is it all too good to be true?

25/05/2016   Loreen Dyer, Loans Coordinator

With the Reserve Bank of Australia continuing to decrease their interest rates to historic lows, and most major lenders passing on the savings to their customers, it’s easy to wonder how long the good times can last.

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Budget 2016-17: Let's break it down

04/05/2016   Shane Light, Head of Advice

Budget night is like Christmas for (a few) financial planners and our team was at the ready to break down what the announcements mean for our clients.

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Interest rate update: 3 May 2016

03/05/2016   Brian Godfrey, Mortgages and Finance Adviser

At its meeting today, the Reserve Bank of Australia Board decided to lower the cash rate by 25 basis points to 1.75 per cent, effective 4 May 2016. This follows information showing inflationary pressures are lower than expected.

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A Changing of the Guard; SMSFs and Young Australians

08/04/2016   Anthony Malvaso, Senior Financial Planner

Superannuation is an ever changing industry and now, more than ever, it’s essential that young Australians use their retirement fund in an efficient and considered manner.

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Know Your Window; Understanding the ASX Market
Know Your Window; Understanding the ASX Market

07/04/2016   Kim Lo, Paraplanner

You might think you know what the window for trading is on the Australian Securities Exchange (ASX), but do you really? Navigating the stock market can be confusing, and not knowing when your window to trade is can be unnerving. Kim Lo, Paraplanner, breaks down the ASX market open times in this helpful post.

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The birds, the bees . . . and the ATO!?

05/04/2016   Bobbie Adams, Senior Accountant

The Australian Taxation Office (ATO) is all about sharing, caring and true love . . . oh didn’t you know? Now more than ever, lodging your tax returns has become a family affair.

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Negative Gearing: An In-Depth Discussion
What is it and how are you affected?


Negative gearing is hot on the agenda in Australia at the moment. From the water cooler to the halls of Parliament, it's the talk of the town.

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A New Address. But the Same Approach.
The Hopkins Group is packing its bags and moving to Collins Street.


This year, The Hopkins Group is writing a new chapter in its rich history and moving to a new office space to better serve our clients’ needs and keep up with the growth of the company.

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Urgent Repairs and the Changes Made to the Residential Tenancies Act

26/02/2016   Vicky Morrison, Property Portfolio Manager

Recent changes to the Victorian Residential Tenancies Act have seen an increase in the spending cap applicable to urgent repairs that are made when a landlord is uncontactable. Vicky Morrison, Property Portfolio Manager, discusses the change and what is classified as an urgent repair.

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Get Your Motor Running - Changes to Motor Vehicle Tax Deductions

17/02/2016   Kezia Eman, Accountant

Beep beep! Did you know that there have been some changes made to the way you can claim your motor-vehicle as a tax deduction? Kezia Eman, Accountant at The Hopkins Group, breaks down how this type of claim can now be made post 1 July 2015.

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Zika Virus - What's the Buzz?

15/02/2016   Shane Light, Head of Advice

If you’ve read the paper, watched television or consumed any social media in recent weeks, chances are you would have heard of the Zika virus (ZIKV) and its fast growing spread across the world.

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Claiming Your Mobile Phone as a Work-Related Deduction

25/01/2016   Abigail Lee, Accountant

Want to claim your mobile phone expenses as a work-related deduction, but don’t know where to start? We let you know how this can be done with in an insight into how our accountants process these deductions when preparing your tax return.

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2015 - The Year That Was in Mortgages

21/01/2016   Brian Godfrey, Mortgages and Finance Adviser

Navigating the mortgage market can be challenging at the best of times and when the authorities introduce new lending recommendations, it can be tricky to get your head around it.

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Much ado about Brisbane

19/01/2016   Monica Jiang, Property & Contracts Coordinator

Sydney may have the harbour and Melbourne’s known for its graffiti laneways, but why is everyone talking about Brisbane at the moment?

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Sharing is caring | 2016 New Year's Resolutions
The Hopkins Group staff share their goals for the new year


What has you focused this year? Are you saving for a holiday or house deposit? Training for a marathon perhaps? We asked around The Hopkins Group office to find out what weird and wonderful things our staff are tackling this year.

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All I Want for Christmas is to Stay out of Debt

17/12/2015   Brendan Peach, Financial Planner

Don’t leave yourself out this Christmas, give yourself the gift of less debt come the New Year.

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How to Pass a Final Inspection
Tips for tenants to help get a full bond refund

15/12/2015   Tannaya Jessop, Property Portfolio Manager

Between securing a new place to live, booking a removalist and redirecting mail, moving can be a stressful experience. Thankfully, when it comes to your final inspection, we have some helpful tips to hopefully earn you a full bond refund and make your move a less daunting experience.

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Decor-renting this Christmas
How to stay on the 'nice list' this Christmas!

10/12/2015   Kate Elliott, Marketing Coordinator

Being a responsible and considerate tenant can come with challenges – especially when you’re a huge Christmas fan. Follow some of our tips for how to get into the decorating spirit without finding yourself on the naughty list.

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If at first you don’t succeed . . . save, save save!

27/11/2015   Nicholas Siemensma, Paraplanner and Shane Light, Head of Advice/Senior Financial Planner

First home buyers are currently up against the odds as it becomes harder and harder to enter the housing market. Nicholas Siemensma, Paraplanner, looks at the challenges facing this generation when it comes to making that first property purchase.

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Investment Diversification, the Role of Risk Profiling and the Importance of Advice

26/11/2015   Shane Light, Head of Advice/Senior Financial Planner

Over the past six months we have witnessed increased volatility within the markets, both in Australia and globally. Shane Light, Head of Advice/Senior Financial Planner outlines how clients can best position themselves to weather the storm.

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SMSFs and the In-House Assets Test

25/11/2015   Mark Bennetts, Senior Financial Adviser, bdhSterling

Thinking about investing within an SMSF? In our recent guest blog post by Mark Bennetts, Senior Financial Advisor at bdhSterling discusses the in-house assets test and how it applies to investments within Self Managed Super Funds.

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Four out of Five Stars for our Property Services

30/10/2015   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

Our property team have been awarded four out of five stars for their property investment service offering. John Hopkins shares his excitement.

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NRAS - What is it and how does it work?

23/10/2015   Lauren Ross, Property Portfolio Manager

The National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS) was introduced by the Federal Government in 2008 as a way of creating affordable housing and stimulating the building industry. Lauren Ross provides a brief overview of the scheme and what it means for tenants and landlords.

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A Trip to Greece
The Financial Crisis and its Impact on Culture

05/10/2015   Nathisha Paramasivam, Financial Planner

Nathisha Paramasivam, financial planner, reflects on her recent trip to Greece and the impact the Greek financial crisis has had on the country's culture.

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Top Five Financial Planning Mistakes

25/08/2015   Nathisha Paramasivam, Financial Planner

There are many mistakes individuals can make when trying to sort out their finances without seeking appropriate advice. Nathisha Paramasivam, Financial Planner, outlines the top five avoidable mistakes investors can make whilst doing their financial planning

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The Importance of a SMSF Trust Deed

02/07/2015   Bobbie Adams, Senior Accountant

Do you know the legal requirements of holding an SMSF? Bobbie Adams, Senior Accountant, outlines the importance of, and the compliance rules surrounding SMSF Trust Deeds

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Global Property Investment & Maybank, Malaysia

16/06/2015   John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

On behalf of John Hopkins Property, we were very honoured to have been invited to attend and present at the 2015 Maybank Property Talk in Malaysia on Saturday 13 June, entitled ‘To Hold or Be Bold.’

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The 2015 Australian Federal Budget

01/06/2015   Darren Rieger, Senior Paraplanner & Manager of Financial Administration

What does this year's Federal Budget mean for Australians? Darren Rieger, Senior Paraplanner & Manager of Financial Administration, provides an extensive overview of the Abbott Government's second federal budget announcement, handed down last month

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Buy Your First Home With Only $27,000 Deposit*
No Stamp Duty on Highett's Most Spacious Apartments

13/05/2015   by The Hopkins Group

The John Hopkins Group currently has an outstanding offer for first home buyers on a newly built property in Highett, Melbourne. These completed properties are currently available through the John Hopkins Group with no stamp duty for Victorian first home buyers on all properties under $600,000.

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John's Thoughts: Shares vs Property
Let's box it out!

30/04/2015   by John Hopkins, Executive Chairman

This age old debate is nearly always a disgrace; a disgrace because often the people leading this argument are either driven out of vested interest or ignorance (or sometimes both).

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What do The Block and The Hopkins Group Have in Common?
Maybe more than you think!

30/04/2015   by Pip Middleton, HR and Office Coordinator

I’m not really a reality TV show fan. I tend to simply follow along the general gist of what’s happening (who’s dating who, who sang what, who got disqualified…all the big things) in the advertisements that bombard the TV program I’m currently watching.

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4 Tips for Smarter Property Investment

22/04/2015   by The Hopkins Group

Purchasing your first investment property can be daunting. Luckily, you don’t have to navigate through this challenge alone – we’ve come up with four handy tips to guide you through.

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The Impact of Foreign Investment in Australia

26/03/2015   by The Hopkins Group

The latest research conducted by BIS Shrapnel found that the Melbourne CBD is to house 40% of new apartment buildings intended for the inner suburbs. They also found that concerns over a saturation of apartments in the city were not shared internationally. This is due to increasing demand from overseas investors – primarily the Chinese, who are looking to invest in the Melbourne property market.

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Exclusive Offer for First Home Buyers
Buy Your First Home in Essendon with Only $19,450 Deposit*

24/03/2015   by The Hopkins Group

The John Hopkins Group currently has an amazing offer on a newly built property in Essendon, Melbourne. These completed one and two bedroom properties are currently available through the John Hopkins Group with full stamp duty savings and a $15,000 rebate!

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Buy Your First Home on the Yarra With Only $25,128 Deposit*
Special Offer for Victorian First Home Buyers

26/02/2015   by The Hopkins Group

The Hopkins Group currently has an outstanding offer on a newly built property on the Yarra River in Abbotsford, Melbourne. These completed properties are currently available through The Hopkins Group with full stamp duty savings.

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Financial Planning - More Affordable Than You Think!

17/02/2015   by Nathisha Paramasivam, Associate Financial Planner and Authorised Representative

As a Financial Adviser at The Hopkins Group, I get asked all the time by friends and family whether financial planning is really only helping the “wealthy get wealthier;” however that couldn’t be further from the truth. Financial planning is a lot more affordable than you may think.

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What You Need To Know About Buying Off-The-Plan Property

12/02/2015   by The Hopkins Group

Buying off the plan means signing a contract to buy a property that hasn’t yet been built. You can look at the designs, layout and blueprints; but there’s no property to see or walk through yet.

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Four Things to be Wary of When Developing Property for Profit

07/01/2015   by The Hopkins Group

For those of us fortunate enough to have grown up in “the lucky country”, the national obsession with owning property was never far away.

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Women Facing Retirement Glass Ceiling

15/12/2014   by Nathisha Paramasivam, Associate Financial Planner and Authorised Representative

Women have come a long way over the years in terms of their earning power in the workforce; however they still have a long way to go before closing in on the gap between male and female retirement savings.

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Tax Deductible Holidays

15/12/2014   by Bobbie Adams, Senior Accountant

Dreaming of an overseas holiday and planning on claiming the trip as a business expense? You may need to think again.

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What can Time on Market Tell me About a Property?

29/11/2014   by The Hopkins Group

Time on market is often cited as a factor property buyers should pay close attention to as conventional wisdom says it can give you a strong indication of the property’s real value. But is there any real substance to that assumption? What exactly can time on market tell you about a property?

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It's the Little Things That Count

14/11/2014   by The Hopkins Group

Buying a property is likely to be the biggest purchase you’ll ever make. With the average median house price in Australia’s capital cities now a touch below $600,000, most buyers are aware of how important it is to cover every fine detail before signing on the bottom line.

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