Buy Your First Home on the Yarra With Only $25,128 Deposit*

Special Offer for Victorian First Home Buyers

26/02/2015   by The Hopkins Group

The Hopkins Group currently has an outstanding offer on a newly built property on the Yarra River in Abbotsford, Melbourne.

These completed properties are currently available through The Hopkins Group with full stamp duty savings.

Whether you are an investor or a first home buyer, this offer is one not to be missed!

The great news for Victorian First Home Buyers is, as these one bedroom properties are under $600,000, you are eligible for a 50% reduction in stamp duty as well as the $10,000 First Home Owners Grant. This means the additional 50% stamp duty is refunded into your back pocket! The required deposit to purchase one of these properties is therefore significantly reduced. In fact, you can pick up a property worth $417,500 with a deposit of just $23,128 + legal fees and mortgage costs and adjustments!

Example Property Purchase details:

One bedroom property purchase price: $417,500

10% Deposit required at settlement: $41,750

Regular Stamp Duty fee: $17,245

First Home Owner (FHO) Stamp Duty fee (50% of the Regular Stamp Duty fee): $8,622

Remaining 50% of the regular stamp duty fee (in your back pocket): $8,622

First Home Owners Grant (FHOG): $10,000

10% Deposit required after FHOG and FHO Stamp Duty concession: $23,128

Legal fees, mortgage costs and adjustments: $2,000 approx


10% Deposit required for $417,500 Property $41,750
Plus Legal fees, mortgage costs and adjustments $2,000
Less First Home Owner Grant (FHOG) $10,000
Less Remaining 50% of the regular stamp duty fee $8,622

These apartments have been built and are ready for settlement. If you would like to discuss this fantastic offer in more detail, please contact us on 1300 726 082, send us an email or contact us here.

This offer is valid until 30 April 2015.

*Note: Subject to being approved for a loan. A 10% deposit will attract Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) with most lenders; we have assumed this will be added to the loan. For full conditions and considerations, please contact us. 

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