Buy Your First Home With Only $27,000 Deposit*

No Stamp Duty on Highett's Most Spacious Apartments

13/05/2015   by The Hopkins Group

The John Hopkins Group currently has an outstanding offer for first home buyers on a newly built property in Highett, Melbourne.

These completed properties are currently available through the John Hopkins Group with no stamp duty for Victorian first home buyers on all properties under $600,000.

This is an exceptional offer for superior size and quality in a fantastic location, adjoining Sir William Fry Reserve! You can pick up a large one bedroom apartment worth $350,000 with a deposit of just $25,000 or a two bedroom apartment worth $505,000 with just $40,500 deposit (+ legal fees and mortgage costs and adjustments).


Example Property Purchase Details

Table 1 - Example Property Purchase Details

Calculating Your Deposit - First Home Owners


These apartments have been built and are ready for settlement.

If you would like to discuss this exceptional offer in more detail, please contact us on 1300 726 082, or click here to have one of our advisers contact you to arrange a complimentary '60 minute sprint to your first home' appointment.

*Note: Subject to being approved for a loan. A 10% deposit will attract Lenders Mortgage Insurance (LMI) with most lenders; we have assumed this will be added to the loan. For full conditions and considerations, please contact us.

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