Decor-renting this Christmas

How to stay on the 'nice list' this Christmas!

10/12/2015   Kate Elliott, Marketing Coordinator

Being a responsible and considerate tenant can come with challenges – especially when you’re a huge Christmas fan and love embracing all the fanfare that comes with the silly season.

If you’re living in a rental apartment, you might struggle to fit a full sized Christmas tree in your flat and you might find it hard to stick up fairy lights without pulling off half the paintwork.

So what can you do that gets you into the spirit . . . without getting you on the wrong side of your landlord?!

A la natural

Twigs can be a contemporary spin on the traditional Christmas tree. It’s hard to navigate lifts and stairs to get a pine tree into your place and then you have to deal with the needles dropping all over the ground. No thanks.

Fake trees are a fine alternative, but it’s fun to mix up your answer to a tree each year – 2015 might be huge fallen branch from a gum tree that you adorn in green and gold bows, next year you might want a more classic spin and use a cutting from a fir tree and with glossy red baubles. And the best bit? Gifts from nature are free! 

Image credits L-R: Apartment Therapy, Apartment Therapy, Home HeavenHome Heaven

A curated Christmas

Who said that wreaths had to be hung? Set up a Christmas vignette on a coffee table or sideboard and vary the height of the pieces for interest. Start with a wreath at the back and build it up with bowls of cherries, copper star ornaments, nativity scene pieces and candles. Stacks of books are also a great addition – choose them by Christmas colours and really embrace the festive look.


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Drape and admire

Doorframes, freestanding mirrors and framed artwork can serve as perfect foundations to drape Christmas twinkle. Hang a garland over the fireplace or introduce some sparkle to your bedhead or doorframe – no nailing required!

Image credits L-R: Apartment Therapy, Country LivingImproving Interiors

Wrap it up

Share the Christmas cheer with your visitors and wrap your front door in a big bow. Head to your local fabric store and buy a couple of metres of red tuille or patterned fabric then tie it around your door. It’s a portable solution that can move with you through the years and be easily rolled up for storage for the rest of the year.

Image credits L-R: Dress-My-DoorSeven Cherubs

Take a leaf out of this book

For those who run from nature and shudder at the thought of bugs cliging to wildlife, why don’t you consider a book tree? Stack up a heap of your favourite hardbacks and then rest little ornaments or fairy lights on the ‘shelves’ from top to bottom.

Image credits: Family Sponge

Frosty the Snowman

Sure, the Aussie summer might not scream snow and mulled wine, but embrace a winter wonderland theme and turn your fridge or washing machine into a resident Jack Frost! Have some fun with washi tape and cardboard cut outs.

Image credits L-R: Hands On As We GrowYeah Mag

Wreath for the stars

It’s party season and no doubt you have some straws and doilies in your pantry for some fancy festive cocktails and canape platters? If not, check your Granny’s stock and turn them into a fancy wreath to hang on your front door or in the window.

Image credits L-R: Woman's DayLive Laugh RoweThe Bright Spot

Sit on it

Spruce up your dining table and chairs with some fun embellishments to bring some joy to your mealtime. Pimp up your chair legs or cover the backs in some festive slips. Guests won’t want to leave the table!

Image credits L-R: Interior Dezine, KirklandsGroopDealz


So whatever your budget and whatever your space, you can afford to embrace festive decorating without ruining your rental and being taken off your landlord’s Christmas card list.

Just remember . . . no nails, no gaffer tape, no painting, no DIY renos and no permanent decorative changes that will put you on the naughty list. You don’t want Lorena and her Property Management team chasing you!

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