Reality of retirement

07/06/2016   The Hopkins Group

In March 2016, we asked our Facebook friends what they feared most about their retirement.

Head of Advice Shane Light and Senior Financial Planner Anthony Malvaso, sifted through the comments to answer what it takes to achieve a long and comfortable retirement.

Our take on Budget 2017


Whether you're a member of Gen Y, are a little older in the wealth building stage of your career, or are about to retire/are a recent retiree, we've got a Budget breakdown for you.

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Upcoming Centrelink concerns for Australian retirees

24/11/2016   Anthony Malvaso, Senior Financial Planner

While a majority of the Australian population will be ringing in the new year with grand plans and resolutions, hundreds of thousands of retirees could kick off 2017 on the back foot. Senior Financial Planner Anthony Malvaso looks at the incoming Centrelink changes and what it could mean for your payments.

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Somersault into your super thanks to a backflip from the Government

22/09/2016   The Hopkins Group

It’s been a week since the Federal Government announced its backflip on its proposed superannuation reforms, and now that the dust has settled, it’s time to look at the impact the reworked measures will have on your plans for retirement.

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