What do The Block and The Hopkins Group Have in Common?

Maybe more than you think!

30/04/2015   by Pip Middleton, HR and Office Coordinator

I’m not really a reality TV show fan. I tend to simply follow along the general gist of what’s happening (who’s dating who, who sang what, who got disqualified…all the big things) in the advertisements that bombard the TV program I’m currently watching.

But here’s the truth. I’m a Blockhead. I LOVE The Block. Try and rip the remote from my hand between 7 and 9pm and you will see the dark side of me (my husband only made that mistake once!). I’m sad to say I think I would have missed maybe two of the 48 episodes to date.

So what is it that I love so much about this seemingly never ending TV series?

There are lots of things I like about it. I like seeing who got picked to renovate and the shock of the new contestants as they survey the build site. I like seeing the design plans drawn up, thrown out, and drawn up again. I like seeing the mistakes and wins and watching the couples interact with each other and their competitors.

I’m glued watching the challenges they face on a day to day basis and, I’m sad to admit, I like the fights, arguments and storm offs, which are made all the more entertaining when the route the frustrated contestant chooses to take to make a quick exit is generally blocked by 15 tradies and 56 plaster boards!

But what I love about The Block is the build. I love watching the choices being made throughout the process of constructing a room, the mess, how it all gets put together and then the reveal of the end product.

So what do The Block and The Hopkins Group have in common?

The contestants on The Block all have access to the same money, materials and suppliers and yet each contestant’s room is different from the next. Well, maybe with the exception of the seagrass wallpaper (there’s a little inside joke for all you Blockheads out there!). Each contestant has different ideals and visions for how they want their end product to look, and so the differences between the apartments come auction day is vast.

It got me thinking about how differently my colleagues approach their work with our clients. I see the background work that goes on behind the scenes: all the information gathering, documentation, discussions, paperwork and collaboration. And whilst the processes might be the same, the markets similar and products identical, the end result is always different because each and every client has different ideals and visions of their own, just like The Block.

I’m in awe of the way this happens. Especially when a client is using more than one service at The Hopkins Group; seeing all the bits and pieces ultimately come together to produce such a tangible and important outcome is remarkable.

It may sound like a long bow to draw, but it’s really not; building something out of nothing that becomes so important to its recipients is what I love; which is why I am addicted to The Block and why I relish working at The Hopkins Group.

Except we don’t use seagrass wallpaper here.

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