Why I'm recommending Brisbane for property investors

20/08/2018   David Conner, Head of Property (NSW)

BrisVegas, Brisneyland, the Gateway to the Gold Coast. Brisbane has long been mocked as one of the dullest capitals in the country.

Which is exactly the way the locals like it.

In addition to the $134B in infrastructure spending, across transport, services and amenities, which will greatly enhance the liveability of the city and surrounds – and the Mayor’s desire for Brisbane to become known as a New World City – I must say I have a bias towards our northern neighbour when it comes to property investing.

The core fundamentals which drive the residential property market can be summed up as P.I.E. Quite simply:




Brisbane is currently the strongest capital city in Australia across all three fundamentals. South East Queensland’s population hit five million people four years earlier than anticipated.

The Lord Mayor has also just announced the city’s 2018 State Infrastructure Plan which includes a $46B infrastructure boom to be deployed over the next four years. Approximately 38,000 jobs will be created off the back of this spending.

While Sydney’s opportunity is limited by sky high prices and Melbourne licks its wounds from their recent defeat by Vienna for ‘world’s most liveable city’, the opportunities within quiet achiever Brisbane cannot be denied. Clever Brisbanites are living in paradise as they sip their Milton Mangoes, sunning themselves by the river, and living a life of luxury in their affordable five bedroom houses on easy street.  

The Sunshine State capital is currently enjoying its best years to date, enjoying the ride as a ‘big country town’ steadily becomes a ‘new world city’.

Trendy bars, cocktail lounges and funky new restaurants now litter the Brisbane hospitality scene once dominated by rough pubs, dive hotels, and greasy spoon fast-food joints.

Old, dilapidated buildings are being knocked down by the dozen, making way for exciting new projects that are quickly establishing Brisbane as a major player in the Australian game.

If you ask me, it’s never been a better time to back the Brisbane property market. If you’d like to learn how you can get involved and discuss your property investment options, contact us today!

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