Client Testimonials


Loreen (Dyer) was fantastic at explaining new concepts to a pair of financial luddites like ourselves. She was very prompt to answer any questions we had and very efficient in presenting us with the options which suited us best.

Peter and Liz Barry

As apartment owners, we cannot praise The Hopkins Group Property Management Team highly enough - especially the work of Lauren Wilden-Ross. For around six years they have been phenomenal, and that includes ALL of them, without exception - Lauren, Lorena, Angela and Kristy. Always friendly, always helpful, and always 100% professional. And when we came to sell our apartment, rather then just washing their hands of our business, they continued to provide their usual extra special service. So thanks to all of you. We'll miss you!

Meet the Property Management Team

Cheryl & Philip Williams

"The managing of our North Melbourne apartment by Lorena has been the most professional in the 10 years of ownership. Her personable manner and knowledge of a wide range of rental issues has made this a very workable relationship. Thank you."

Meet Lorena Smirnis, Head of Property Management


"Loreen was very professional and never gave up on our mortgage application despite the fact that we we're a difficult case. Her communication was always timely, we were never waiting for updates."

Meet Loreen Dyer, Finance and Mortgage Adviser

Euan Weate

"I am writing to express my sincere thanks for services rendered from your aged care advisor Brendan Peach and broker Brian Godfrey.

Both Brendan and Brian expressed empathy to our situation and provided us with exceptional service. Brendan and Brian displayed good communication skills and always kept us appraised of the progress of the tasks they were performing. They also displayed detailed practical knowledge of their chosen fields.

. . . would not hesitate to recommend The Hopkins Group to any family or friends."

Meet Brendan Peach, Associate Financial Planner

George Hagivassilis

"The team at The Hopkins Group have been consistently helpful, flexible and thoughtful over the past 9 months. Typically, the relationship you have with your property manager is disconnected and difficult, but not with these folk. I'd be happy to consider and recommend these folk to anyone seeking a strong team to manage their property."

Meet the Property Management team

Michael Browning

"Hands down the best Real Estate Agency I've been with over the past 10 years of renting. Samandah and the rest of the team have been very helpful and quick to respond to all enquiries. I would highly recommend The Hopkins Group for all real estate requirements."

Meet the Property Management team

Steve Senior

"I would like to acknowledge the tremendous service we receive from Claire and Lauren on a continual basis. Especially when it was time to find a new tenant they made it all very easy and stress free for me!! Sensational effort and thank you so much!"

Meet the Property Management team

Tina Papas

"Thankyou (Lauren Wilden-Ross) so much for all your help, everything has been great with you and John Hopkins, originally with Lorena for leasing, and then Vicky. 

You have all made my 2 year stay effortless!"

Meet the Property Management team

Angus Price

"Had a wonderful experience with both Lauren and Vicky at The Hopkins Group. As agents they were both professional and personable, which made transitioning in and out of the property and living in a rental that much easier. Best experience I've had renting thus far! Highly recommended."

Meet Lauren Wilden-Ross, Property Portfolio Manager


We have just engaged The Hopkins Group to manage our property and have been dealing with property manager Tannaya Jessop. We have just rented out our unit and we were so impressed with Tannaya in the way she communicated with us and kept us in the loop with the opens etc.

So I wanted to publicly say thank you for the way in which you do your job, it shows to me you care about people and treat everyone with respect which is a very admiral quality in you.

Thanks again and we look forward to working together for a long time to come.

Vickie Pochec

"Samandah and The Hopkins Group team have undoubtedly been by far the best property managers I have dealt with. Samandah always shows her competency in the most helpful, friendly, and prompt manner. I appreciate the high levels of service I have received over the past twelve months. Definitely rate SM and her team well above average."

Meet Samandah Matty, Property Portfolio Manager

Emily McCarrick

Emily was impressed with the service she received from Lauren Wilden-Ross recently:

"I just want to express my gratitude with how you have sorted out all our ongoing issues in such a short space of time. It's such a relief to know that we finally have an agent who is on the ball!"

Meet Lauren Wilden-Ross, Property Portfolio Manager

Neil Payne

"Congratulations on over 30 years of successful business. Although our services are very different, one thing we share is assisting people achieve their goals and dreams. I'm sure you'd agree that is one of the most rewarding aspects of your work.

I also wanted to mention how much I've enjoyed working with Michael Williams and Stephen Phillips - both are total professionals whilst still being personable and trustworthy. Michael in particular has been a great asset to Robyn and myself, guiding us to financial security. I highly value his guidance and advice.

May the John Hopkins Group continue to go from strength to strength with your good self at the helm."

Stefan Di Julio

"I'm just emailing through to say that Tannaya (Jessop) is a remarkable addition to your company.

My girlfriend and I applied for a NRAS property in early November and throughout the time of our application we ran into many issues regarding our eligibility with the NRAS due to my girlfriend being a Canadian citizen. The entire ordeal was stressful and many times we felt like giving up but due to Tannaya’s positive attitude, patience, professionalism and prompt responses - she went above and beyond to secure us our apartment!

We just moved in over the weekend and everything is going swimmingly, as long as we are dealing with Tannaya I see us staying for a very long time and I highly doubt we could of made it in without her guidance, persistence and loyalty."

Meet Tannaya Jessop, Property Portfolio Manager

Patrick Cavanagh

“I have found that through all of my dealings with The Hopkins Group, that the service has been spot on. The staff are courteous and knowledgeable. The company and individuals are professional and accommodating. 

As I live several hundred kilometres away I have found working with the group a very positive experience, due to the fact that there is an element of understanding of some of the difficulties with not being able to just "pop in". There is also an element of caring and interest in the person that shines through with all of the dealings I have had over the past couple of years.”

Paul & Donna McDonald

We like the fact that the John Hopkins team spoke plain English so that everything was easy to understand and not full of financial jargon. We appreciated their conservative approach by showing us how to use 'low risk’ strategies implemented over time to decrease bad debt and increase wealth. We feel very confident in the investment advice provided on the day and the ongoing support that the team is now providing.

We believe the services offered by the John Hopkins Group would be of benefit to anyone seeking financial security. If you are serious about improving your financial position and in our case, paying down our mortgage and preparing for retirement; we would thoroughly recommend spending some time with the team at John Hopkins.

Partner Testimonials

Gareth Andrews of Andews Corporation

“John Hopkins loves his horses. So following on from that theme, I would refer to him as a "stayer”. He is a man who has stayed the distance over a long period of time in the property industry.

Thirty years is a long time – long enough to see the peaks and troughs of this dynamic industry.

The benefit “time” brings is knowledge and experience; and John has both of these in bucket loads.

Additionally, I have always admired John’s personal qualities – friendship, honesty and trust. He is also a family man, I always admire that.

I am happy to have John as both a friend and a friendly business colleague.”

Gareth Andrews
Andrews Corporation

Jonathan Tisher of Tisher Liner & Co

"Tisher Liner and Co has had a long association with the John Hopkins Group. They are an organisation that provides a very unique property and financial service to their clientele. In all dealings with the John Hopkins Group, we have found them to be professional, responsive and reliable.

We have enjoyed working closely with them and look forward to continuing to do so in the future. We congratulate them on being in practice for 30 years."

Jonathan Tisher
Tisher Liner and Co.

Ashley Williams of Evolve Development

"Evolve Development has been working with John and his team since 2007. We have together been involved across four projects with a combined value of $300 million.

The team at the John Hopkins Group have a very good eye for projects which stand out from the pack, and understand that the best apartments in these projects will sell out quickly, often without any public marketing.

John and his team focus on securing these projects, for their clients, by building on relationships, and a proven track record with companies like ours.

We congratulate the John Hopkins Group on its 30 years and look forward to working well into the next 30!"

Ashley Williams
Evolve Development Pty Ltd

David Kobritz of Deal Corporation

"Deal Corporation Pty Ltd has been a property development and investment company since 1984. It has largely been involved in inner city residential development since the mid 1990’s. Since then, we have been actively involved with John Hopkins Group both as initial advisors to Deal on the location of projects and their internal planning and subsequent sale of investment apartments and town houses.

Often I wonder where John’s expertise really lies. Is it his integrity or low key gentle persuasive approach, even when we have our difference of opinions from time to time, or his expertise in photography, fishing, and song! Somehow, after so many years, I am convinced it’s all of the above.

Best Wishes to the John Hopkins Group for the next 30 years."

David Kobritz
Managing Director
Deal Corporation

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