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October 10, 2019 / Tax & Accounting

What is the First Home Super Saver Scheme?

You may have heard a lot about First Home Owner Grant and the First Home Buyer Stamp Duty Exemption/Concession...

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July 12, 2019 / Tax & Accounting

Donate your car and pay less tax

When you’re ready to offload your old or scrap car in Melbourne, you might be considering the best way...

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May 20, 2019 / Tax & Accounting

Traded in cryptocurrency? Watch out for the ATO!

Each year the ATO matches million of transactions against multiple sources in order to ensure that taxpayers are correctly...

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July 5, 2018 / Tax & Accounting

Tax time sorted with The Hopkins Group

Can you believe it? It’s July already! Like clockwork, another financial year has come to an end so it’s...

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June 15, 2018 / Tax & Accounting

Working from home: How much can you claim on tax?

At some point in our working lives, many of us have fantasied about switching our 9-to-5 office job to...

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May 17, 2018 / Tax & Accounting

Get schooled on self-education deductions

Is it finally time to buckle down and take on that diploma, master’s degree or other qualification that will...

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Deep dive into the Federal Budget with The Hopkins Group

We dipped our toes in the water of the Federal Budget last night, but now that the seas have...

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April 6, 2018 / Property, Tax & Accounting

Changes to GST on property transactions

If you’ve been around in the tax and accounting game for a while, like I have, you might have...

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Travelling to Inspect Your Rental Property? Pause before you go

Did you know that for the financial year ending 30 June 2015, rental property travel expenses claimed by individual...

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February 27, 2018 / Property, Tax & Accounting

How will changes to depreciation deductions affect you?

Do you own, or intend to own, a residential investment property earning rental income? New measures affecting Australian residential...

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February 15, 2018 / Property, Tax & Accounting

Tax on vacant residential property

As part of a string of new housing initiatives announced in last year’s Victorian State Budget, a new Vacant...

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October 3, 2017 / Tax & Accounting

Tax deductions for nurses

Nursing is a specialist profession with a number of specific job requirements that aren’t necessarily shared with other professional...

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