Bubbles, Beers & Budgeting | Budgeting & Cashflow 101 | June 2017

Want to live life on your own terms? Be inspired and get started with the financial basics at our next hands-on Bubbles, Beers and Budgeting workshop! #finspiration

Saving to travel. Saving to buy a first home. Saving to start a business. Saving to live. Saving for a rainy day.

Life is full of things we want to save for. Full of things we should save for. But sometimes, we just suck at getting our life together enough to even get started.

That's where The Hopkins Group can help.

Join us at one of our upcoming budgeting and cashflow workshops - created especially with Gen Y in mind - and we'll provide you the tools to get started on the right foot.

Multiple dates available. $10 admission includes bubbles, beer and nibbles. To register for the Wednesday 7 June 2017 session, please select this date via the ticket form below.

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