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Financial Planning (PM&SB)

Financial planning is more than investing money — it is about providing you and your family the
ongoing security you need to live a financially independent and financially well life.

Service Overview

Why Do You Need Financial Planning?

Professional planning goes beyond managing investments. It offers a clear roadmap to achieve your goals, from retirement planning to wealth preservation, through a tailored and strategic approach to your wealth-building strategy, offering you the following key benefits: 

  • Unlock Your Financial Potential: Sound financial planning empowers you to make informed decisions about your assets, safeguard your future, and achieve your long-term goals – with greater clarity and confidence. 
  • Maximise Your Wealth: Our personalised strategies help optimise your investments, minimise taxes, and ensure your assets work as hard as you do. 
  • Peace of Mind for Today and Tomorrow: Financial security reduces stress and allows you to focus on what matters most – your family, your passions, and living a fulfilling life.

What is Financial Planning

Financial planning is a collaborative process that tailors strategies to your unique circumstances. It considers your income, assets, liabilities, and aspirations to create a holistic and comprehensive financial strategy tailored to your financial situation and goals.  

To achieve the best outcome involve working through the following critical items with an accredited financial adviser: 

In addition, our THG financial adviser will:

  • Assess what portfolio risk level suits you, considering your risk tolerance, cash flow needs, and capacity to recover from market corrections.
  • Work with you to determine your preferred portfolio style and fee budget.
  • Explain the benefits of managed account services and assess with you if they are suitable for you.
  • Identify what specific tailoring, if any, would be appropriate for you. E.g. 
    • Do you have investments that should be retained for tax or other reasons?
    • Are there certain investments you never want to own due to employment restrictions for other issues?
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Types of Financial Planning

From accumulating wealth for retirement to navigating complex tax strategy, or from expanding and growing your investment portfolio to preserving your wealth for your family and your future generations – The Hopkins Group offers a holistic range of specialised financial planning services for your needs:  

Our Core Wealth-Building Process

A Holistic, Financial Advisory-Led Wealth-Building Solution

The Hopkins Group is an award-winning holistic wealth-building firm with over 32 wealth-building services and products available, covering the entirety of your wealth-building journey, including:

We pride ourselves on our ability to provide integrated, holistic service offerings to you under one single roof, no matter where you are in your wealth-building journey: 

As a testament to our deep capability in offering holistic financial & property advisory, we were named by the Independent Financial Association (IFA) ‘Holistic Advice Firm of the Year’ in 2022 and 2023, as well as ‘IFA Excellence Award – Company’ in 2023.  

Please download our capability statement here for more information on our holistic service offering and capability.  

Our Client-First Wealth-Building Strategy  

We understand that the best strategy starts with our clients. We do so by implementing a client-first wealth-building strategy for every one of our financial planning clients:  

THG Investment Philosophy  

Successful investing goes beyond individual stock selection. At THG, asset allocation is the cornerstone of a strong portfolio. This refers to the strategic mix of different asset classes (e.g., stocks, bonds, cash) within your portfolio, and it's the primary driver of your returns.  

Furthermore, THG adopts a conservative approach in wealth-building and wealth management, with a tiered approach in our investment process to ensure we protect, preserve and grow your wealth sustainably without exposing your assets to excess risk:  

Our Key Advantages

Our Holistic Service Offering

Financial Advisory & Coaching  


Financial advisory services go beyond simple investment management, and it is a complex endeavour, requiring ongoing analysis, strategy development, and implementation 


Financial advisors understand the complexities of navigating the financial landscapeMarket fluctuations, tax regulations, and evolving economic conditions can significantly impact your financial well-beingBy engaging with a financial advisor, we will be able create a wealth-building plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances and risk tolerance by:  


  1. 1. Conduct a comprehensive financial needs analysis, assessing your current financial situation and future aspirations. 

  1. 2. Develop a customised investment strategy aligned with your risk tolerance and long-term goals. 

  1. 3. Recommend suitable investment products to diversify your portfolio and optimise returns. 

  1. 4. Continuously monitor your portfolio performance, adjusting as necessary to adapt to market changes and your evolving needs. 

  1. 5. Provide ongoing communication and clear explanations, ensuring you understand the rationale behind financial decisions. 

Learn more


Financial advisors understand the complexities of navigating the financial landscapeMarket fluctuations, tax regulations, and evolving economic conditions can significantly impact your financial well-beingBy engaging with a financial advisor, we will be able create a wealth-building plan that is tailored to your specific circumstances and risk tolerance by:  


  1. 1. Conduct a comprehensive financial needs analysis, assessing your current financial situation and future aspirations. 

  1. 2. Develop a customised investment strategy aligned with your risk tolerance and long-term goals. 

  1. 3. Recommend suitable investment products to diversify your portfolio and optimise returns. 

  1. 4. Continuously monitor your portfolio performance, adjusting as necessary to adapt to market changes and your evolving needs. 

  1. 5. Provide ongoing commun

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Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF)  

A Self-Managed Super Fund (SMSF) is a specialised type of superannuation fund where you, as the trustee, have complete control over the investment decisionsThis offers greater flexibility than traditional retail or industry super funds, allowing you to invest in a broader range of assets and potentially optimise your long-term returns. 


However, managing an SMSF is a complex undertakingIt requires a deep understanding of superannuation regulations, investment strategy, and ongoing administrative tasks like tax reporting and complianceThis can be time-consuming and overwhelming for busy individuals. 


Our experienced financial advisors can simplify the process and help you navigate the complexities of an SMSFWe offer comprehensive guidance on: 


  • Establishment: We assist with setting up your SMSF and ensure it complies with all ATO regulations.
  • Investment Strategy: We tailor an investment plan based on your risk tolerance, retirement goals, and - investment preferences. 
  • Ongoing Administration: We handle the day-to-day tasks such as tax lodgements, annual returns, and record-keeping. 
  • Compliance & Regulations: We ensure your SMSF adheres to all relevant legislative requirements.

By partnering with us, you can leverage the benefits of an SMSF while minimising the administrative burdenThis allows you to focus on what matters most – achieving your financial goals and enjoying a secure retirement. 

Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate and legacy planning involve creating a comprehensive strategy to distribute your assets after your passing. This includes essential documents like wills, trusts, and powers of attorney, which dictate how your beneficiaries will receive your inheritance. 


Managing this process yourself can be challengingNavigating complex legal and tax regulations can be time-consuming and lead to unintended consequences. Additionally, life circumstances can change, requiring constant adjustments to your plans to ensure they remain aligned with your wishes. 


Our experienced financial advisors can streamline this process by: 


  1. 1. Understanding your goals: We work closely with you to understand your family dynamics, financial objectives, and how you envision your legacy. 

  1. 2. Inventorying your assets: We'll identify all your assets, including property, investments, and personal belongings. 

  1. 3. Developing a customised plan: We'll create a tailored plan that minimises taxes, protects your assets, and ensures a smooth transfer of wealth to your beneficiaries. 

  1. 4. Regular review and updates: We'll continuously monitor your estate plan and recommend adjustments as your circumstances or legal frameworks evolve. 

Retirement Planning  

Retirement planning goes beyond simply accumulating savings. It involves a comprehensive strategy that addresses income needs, tax implications, healthcare considerations, and your desired lifestyle in retirementThis can be overwhelming, especially when navigating complex financial products, investment decisions, and potential changes to government benefits. 


Managing on your own retirement planning requires extensive research, understanding tax regulations, and continuously monitoring your portfolio against market fluctuationsThis can be stressful and time-consuming, especially as you approach retirement when your focus may naturally shift towards enjoying this next chapter. 


How our financial advisors can help:  Our experienced advisors work closely with you to understand your retirement goals, risk tolerance, and income expectationsThey can: 


  1. 1. Develop a personalised retirement plan: Tailored to your specific circumstances, this plan considers your assets, liabilities, and desired retirement age. 

  1. 2. Optimise your investment portfolio: Ensure your investments are aligned with your risk tolerance and
    generate the income needed throughout retirement.

  1. 3. Navigate tax implications: Develop tax-efficient strategies to minimi
    se your tax burden during retirement.

  1. 4. Develop a comprehensive estate plan: Secure your legacy by ensuring your assets are distributed according
    to your wishes.

  1. 5. Succession planning for businesses: Guide business owners through the process of transferring ownership or leadership roles to ensure a smooth transition.

Succession Planning  

Building wealth is a significant achievement, but ensuring its smooth transfer to the next generation requires careful planningSuccession planning goes beyond simply outlining your wishes in a will. It's a comprehensive strategy encompassing financial assets, business ownership, and even personal property. 


Managing this process without professional guidance can be complexTrying to navigate legal and tax considerations,  family dynamics, and beneficiary selection can be overwhelming. Ambiguous plans can lead to disputes and unintended consequences. 


Our experienced financial advisors can guide you through every stage. We work collaboratively to understand your family's unique circumstances, financial goals, and potential challengesWe can help you: 


  • 1. Inventory your assets: Gain a clear picture of your financial holdings and potential tax implications. 

  • 2. Develop a comprehensive plan: Craft a strategy for asset distribution, considering beneficiary needs and tax minimi

  • 3. Navigate legal complexities: Ensure your plan
    complies with legal and tax regulations in Australia.

  • 4. Facilitate communication with beneficiaries: Open communication about your wishes can avoid future

  • 5. Review and update your plan: Regularly assess your plan as your circumstances and financial landscape evolve.

Trust Establishment & Management  

Protecting your legacy and ensuring your assets are distributed as you intend requires careful planningTrusts are legal structures that allow you to transfer ownership of assets (such as property, investments, or cash) to a trustee, who then manages them for the benefit of beneficiaries named by you. 


Establishing and managing a trust can be a complex processThere are various types of trusts with different legal regulations and tax implicationsUnderstanding these complexities and ensuring the trust is set up correctly is crucial for its effectivenessAttempting to do this yourself can lead to costly mistakes, potential legal challenges, and unintended consequences for your beneficiaries. 


Our experienced financial advisors can guide you through the entire processWe will help you: 


  • Choose the right type of trust to meet your specific needs and goals. 
  • Draft the trust deed, ensuring it accurately reflects your wishes and complies with legal requirements. 
  • Identify and appoint a suitable trustee, ensuring responsible management of the trust assets. 
  • Navigate ongoing trust administration, including investment management, tax reporting, and distribution of benefits to beneficiaries. 

Family Office Service  


Managing a significant pool of assets and navigating complex financial decisions can be overwhelmingOur Family Office service offers a personalised solution, integrating financial planning, investment management, and strategic guidance for a cohesive approach to your long-term wealth goals. 


Family Office services are designed to cater to the specific needs of high-net-worth individuals and families, as managing these elements independently requires significant time, expertise, and ongoing research. 


Our team of experienced financial advisors acts as a trusted partner, providing comprehensive oversight and guidance across your entire financial picture. We work closely with you to understand your unique goals and risk tolerance, crafting a personalised strategy that encompasses wealth preservation, growth, and intergenerational wealth transferThis may involve investment management, tax planning, philanthropic strategies, and ensuring your legacy aligns with your wishes. 


By leveraging our expertise, you can gain peace of mind, knowing your wealth is managed with a long-term perspectiveWe free you to focus on your priorities while ensuring your financial future remains secure. 

Insurance Review & Planning 

Understanding and managing your insurance portfolio can be complexMultiple policies with varying coverage types, changing life circumstances, and evolving risk profiles can make it difficult to ensure you have the right protection in placeOur insurance review and planning service provides a clear and comprehensive approach to safeguarding your financial future. 


During an insurance review, our experienced advisors will: 


  • Analyse your existing insurance policies: We'll assess your life, health, disability, and property insurance coverage to understand your current level of protection. 
  • Identify coverage gaps: We'll evaluate your current and future needs, considering factors like family
    situation, income, and assets, to
    identify any gaps in your coverage.
  • Develop a personalised insurance plan: Based on your risk tolerance and financial goals, we'll recommend -suitable insurance products to bridge those gaps and optimise your overall coverage. 


This personalised approach offers several key benefits: 


  • Reduced risk of financial hardship: Ensuring adequate insurance coverage protects you and your loved ones from unexpected financial burdens in the event of illness, disability, or property damage. 
  • Improved peace of mind: Knowing you have the right insurance safeguards in place allows you to focus on achieving your financial goals with confidence. 
  • Cost-efficiency: We can help you identify and eliminate unnecessary duplication in your insurance coverage, potentially saving you money on premiums. 
Intergenerational Wealth Transfer  


Intergenerational wealth transfer involves planning the distribution of your assets to your beneficiaries after your passing. While this may seem straightforward, it can become intricate due to factors like tax implications, family dynamics, and asset types. 


Managing this process yourself can be challengingUnderstanding complex tax laws, navigating potential family disputes, and ensuring your wishes are clearly documented require significant time and expertise. Additionally, DIY wealth transfer can lead to unintended consequences, potentially jeopardising the financial security of your loved ones. 


Our experienced financial advisors can guide you through every step of the intergenerational wealth transfer process. We'll work with you to: 


  • Develop a comprehensive plan: We assess your assets, liabilities, and family situation to create a customised plan that reflects your goals and minimises tax burdens for your beneficiaries. 
  • Optimise asset allocation: We ensure your assets are distributed strategically to maximise their value for future generations. 
  • Estate planning strategies: We develop strategies like wills, trusts, and beneficiary designations to clearly outline your wishes and minimise legal complexities. 
  • Tax-efficient solutions: We explore legal and investment options to maximise the value of your legacy and minimise tax implications for your beneficiaries. 

Capital Preservation & Asset Protection  

Building wealth takes time and dedication. However, unforeseen circumstances and market volatility can threaten your financial security. Capital preservation and asset protection aim to mitigate these risks while ensuring your assets grow over time. 


Managing this on your own can be complex. You'd need to stay updated on market trends, understand complex investment strategies, and constantly assess your risk tolerance. This requires significant time, expertise, and a strong emotional detachment to avoid impulsive decisions. 


Our experienced financial advisors can simplify this process by working closely with you to understand your financial goals, risk tolerance, and time horizon. We then develop a personalised strategy that prioritises the safety of your principal investment while aiming for steady, sustainable growth. This includes:  


  • Risk Assessment: We analyse your current portfolio and risk tolerance to identify potential vulnerabilities. 
  • Diversification Strategies: We create a diversified portfolio that minimises exposure to any single asset class or market fluctuation. 
  • Investment Selection: We select low-risk, high-quality investments aligned with your goals and risk tolerance. 
  • Ongoing Monitoring & Adjustments: We continuously monitor your portfolio, making adjustments as necessary to maintain stability and optimise performance. 

Managed Account  

Investing for long-term wealth creation can be a complex endeavor. Market research, asset allocation, and ongoing portfolio adjustments require significant time, expertise, and emotional discipline. A Managed Account offers a solution by placing your investment decisions in the hands of a trusted financial advisor. 


Here's what an MDA entails: 


  • Delegation of Authority: You grant your advisor the discretion to buy and sell investments within your pre-defined investment strategy. 
  • Active Management: Your advisor continuously monitors market conditions, adjusts your portfolio as needed, and rebalances to maintain your risk tolerance. 
  • Reduced Complexity: MDAs eliminate the burden of daily market analysis and investment selection, freeing you to focus on your core business or professional pursuits. 

Benefits of Utilising an MDA with Our Financial Advisors: 


  • Expert Guidance: Our advisors leverage their extensive experience and market knowledge to make informed investment decisions aligned with your goals. 
  • Discipline and Emotionless Investing: Our advisors remove emotional bias from the investment process, ensuring objective decision-making based on your long-term plan. 
  • Time Efficiency: MDAs free up your valuable time, allowing you to focus on other priorities while your investments are actively managed. 
  • Transparency and Regular Communication: We maintain clear communication, providing regular reports on your portfolio performance and investment activity. 

Are you an Advisor?

Are You a Financial Advisor Looking to Partner with an Established Agency?  


Since 1981, our corporate purpose is focused on the provision of an integrated and holistic approach to wealth-building.  


An award-winning, industry leading holistic financial advisory and property firm in Australia with a well-established professional network, THG empowers our financial advisers to motivate and assist our clients to live and achieve a lifestyle of their choice. 


We do this by providing our advisers the support and resources needed to deliver exemplary financial services and products correct to the client’s circumstances 

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