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Why is your superannuation important?

In our latest article, Head Of Paraplanning, Aaron Walshe, explains why you should monitor your super, the key benefits to managing your super effectively, and what you should consider at different life stages.


Investing In Brisbane Property – Market Update

The Brisbane property market has experienced double-digit price growth in 2021, with most areas exhibiting strong appreciation.

Financial Planning

A Beginner’s Guide To Personal Insurance

Personal insurance is an area of financial planning that is often overlooked, and as a result, can lead to major consequences. In this article, Whitney Lian will take you through the different types of personal insurance cover and why you might need them.

Property Management

Top 7 Tips For Finding A Professional Property Manager

If you own an investment property and are on the lookout for a professional property manager, there are some key factors you should consider before signing on the dotted line. Assistant Property Manager, Nadine Cotsaris, breaks down the 7 tips for finding a professional property manager!

Property Management

Impact of latest changes to Victoria’s rental laws on landlords

With more than 130 changes to rental laws coming into effect in earlier this year, Head of Property Management Lorena D’Amico breaks down the key changes impacting residential rental providers (or landlords as they were once called).

Financial Planning

6 topics to discuss with a financial adviser after a relationship breakdown

When a married or de facto couple separates, often the first thought is to seek legal advice – which is always important – but what about financial advice? Senior Financial Adviser, David Romanovski takes you through the 6 key topics to discuss with a financial planner when a relationship goes sour.

Estate Planning Financial Planning

Estate planning within your superannuation fund – its not as simple as it looks

A recent determination of superannuation death benefits is a perfect example of the need for appropriate planning in relation to how your superannuation death benefits will be dealt with after death. Head of Paraplanning, Aaron Walshe takes us through the findings from this case and the key takeaways.

Financial Planning

12 things to consider before you retire

Looking ahead to a time after work can be as exciting as it is daunting. How can you make sure that you’re able to enjoy the lifestyle you want in retirement? What are the financial milestones you need to have achieved before you can retire? Senior Financial Adviser, Joe Bonifazio, breaks down the top 12 things you should consider before retirement!


Tax & Accounting

Dabbled in crypto? Don’t forget your tax obligations!

Have you been bitten by the cryptocurrency bug? Don’t forget to keep records and wise up on your tax obligations!