Recommended Properties

Our regularly updated list of premium recommended property is carefully chosen in line with our rigorous property investment criteria. Each recommended property undergoes a stringent due diligence process. We recommend off the plan property as there are a number of significant additional investor benefits. We believe these premium investment properties will always provide high returns, security and flexibility.

Blantyre Avenue Chelsea (5 Townhouses)

Location: 1 Blantyre Avenue Chelsea, Vic 3196
Proximity to Melbourne CBD: 25km
Price: From $668,000
Aniticpated Completion: Late 2020

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East Brunswick

Location: East Brunswick
Proximity to Melbourne CBD: 6km
Price: From $440,000

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Preston (Gilbert & May)

Location: Preston
Proximity to Melbourne CBD: 11km
Price: From $715,000
Aniticpated Completion: Late 2020

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West Footscray

Location: West Footscray
Proximity to Melbourne CBD: 8km
Price: 3 Bed From $679,500
Aniticpated Completion: Early 2022

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Endorsed Properties

This is when, for a variety of reasons, a client wishes to purchase a property that does not fit into the stringent criteria for ‘The Hopkins Group Recommended Property’. We identify and endorse such property for purchase by our clients only after the application of our expertise, experience and due diligence has resulted in a positive assessment.

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