Mortgages & Finance

Whether you’re looking to finance a new home, new car or next adventure, we have the financial knowledge and experts in house to get you where you want to be.

Mortgages and Finance


No matter how many properties you’re on – your first home or your tenth investment – chances are you’ll need to borrow money to make it happen. That’s why The Hopkins Group is here to help! Backed by the AFG network, our brokers work with multiple lenders, negotiating on your behalf to find a mortgage loan to suit your needs.



If you have multiple loans and are struggling to keep track, consolidating your debts into one loan may be an option for you. If you’re looking to simplify things, our team can help roll over your debts into a single, consolidated loan meaning you only have worry about one ongoing repayment and one interest rate package.



You may have found your dream car, want to renovate your home or need a boost to help fund that long deserved holiday – but you just don’t have quite enough savings to get things moving when you want them to. Talking to one of our experts about your personal loan options can help get you there faster.



Interest rates and loan products change all the time – it can be difficult to keep up! We’re here to take the hassle out of comparing the market – keeping updated with industry movements to review your loans ensure they continue to be the best product for you today, not five years ago.


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Mortgages and finance advice is provided by John Hopkins Mortgages Pty Ltd – ABN 98 103 423 829, operating under Australian Credit Licence 389093

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