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The Hopkins Group is a pioneer in the Australian property advisory industry. Since our establishment in 1980, we have prided ourselves on providing access to high quality investment property to our clients. We continue this tradition today by providing the following property services to our clients:

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Property Investment Advice

Whether you are looking to purchase property as an owner-occupier, investor or from inside your super fund, The Hopkins Group can recommend a property that is right for you and your circumstances. Every property that we recommend has passed an extensive due diligence process, meeting a comprehensive set of criteria as well as our unique property investment philosophies.

We recommend primarily off the plan property as there are a number of significant additional investor benefits. We believe these premium investment properties will always provide high returns, security and flexibility. When you meet with one of our property investment advisers, we will take the time to understand you, your circumstances and why you are interested in property.

We will educate you in our philosophies and take you through our list of recommended properties, making recommendations on properties that are right for you. You will also be given access to our research, to help you make an informed decision. It doesn’t matter whether you are a first home buyer or a seasoned investor, we will tailor our approach to your personal situation.

If you are a first home buyer, we will help you understand the government incentives available to you and answer every question you have, no matter how small. We even have mortgage services available, should you need help securing a loan. If you are an investor, we will take into consideration your current investment portfolio (should you have one), and discuss cash flows related to your investment. We also have in-house property management services that we recommend to help you secure tenants and maintain your investment for the longer term.

If you are considering purchasing property in super, we can pair you with one of our highly experienced financial planners who will help you understand the finer details of this type of investment. We will work together to ensure you are provided with everything you need to know about purchasing property inside your super fund.

Find out more about out financial planning services regarding property in super here. When it becomes time for settlement, we will also meet with you to arrange a viewing of your completed property and arrange a defect inspection to ensure your property has been finished to meet the highest standard. Are you ready to talk about property?

Contact us to discuss your needs with one of our property investment advisers today or view our recommended properties here. — Property investment advice is provided by John Hopkins Property Pty Ltd – ABN 88 131 937 810

Our Property Investment Philosophies

Decades of experience has culminated in stringent guidelines in regard to what makes an appropriate property investment strategy. It’s essential our clients purchase property that has continuing strong demand of both tenancy and sale. That means each property must appeal to owner-occupiers, tenants and investors. Such properties will provide capital growth, confidence of income, income growth and an appropriate initial yield.

Our property investment philosophies haven’t changed in more than 35 years and are as follows:

“We recommend our clients purchase properties in the best inner urban areas of a major metropolis from a demand and popularity point of view. We recommend properties in those areas that most people wishing to own or occupy can afford. We recommend properties that are most appropriate for a long term investment, namely from a physical maintenance and tenancy management point of view. We recommend those properties that are most appropriate to a particular investor’s circumstances. Very often, these are tax, financial or property portfolio considerations.”

To view our list of current recommended properties which meet our investment philosophies and have passed our stringent due diligence process please click here.

SQM Research Recommendation

Independent research firm, SQM Research, specialise in scrutinising the investment and due diligence processes of financial product and service providers. Traditionally they are engaged by investment managers that operate under the strict rules of financial services legislation.

The Hopkins Group is one of the first property investment advisory firms to engage an independent research firm such as SQM Research, to show that we meet the standards of the financial services regime. After providing significant documentation and research, and undergoing months of investigation and analysis, The Hopkins Group property investment process received a recommended rating by SQM Research. We are the only property investment advisers to undergo this type of analysis and receive a recommendation.

This means SQM Research are comfortable as an independent organisation to recommend our unique proposition.

Property Development

Becoming a property developer doesn’t have to be a pipe dream – it’s a realistic goal that The Hopkins Group can help you achieve. Our team of advisers has built an end to end solution to guide you through the development process – from financial feasibility and site acquisition, right through to townhouse build and end sale or ongoing property management.

Our full service offering takes away the stress and uncertainty of not knowing what to do when. With our experience in financial services and property investment, we can hold the hands of clients through the development process to ensure profitable financial outcomes. The strength of our offering is that we keep it all in-house and can manage the project for you from start to finish.

You may have a piece of land you’re wanting to develop, or simply a dream of building your empire – we can help with all the paperwork and planning to not only get you started, but to see it through to the finish line.

The full list of services that we provide are:

  • Site acquisition
  • Feasibility study and financials
  • Full design and drawings
  • Planning permit applications
  • Building permit documentation
  • Interior and exterior (including landscaping) design
  • Financial planning advice
  • Finance for acquisition and construction
  • Tax and accounting advice
  • Cash flow management and reporting
  • Engaging associated builders
  • Subdivision
  • Project marketing
  • Property management

To find out if property development is a feasible option for you and your financial goals, speak to an adviser today on 1300 726 082.

Buyer Advocacy

Do you have a specific type of property in mind that you don’t see on our recommended property list? Some property investors know exactly what they want. You may have completed your own research and have decided on your own set of criteria for the kind of property you are after.

Or maybe you just need someone to act on your behalf at an auction. Our buyer advocacy service takes into consideration your needs as a purchaser. This service offers you the option to utilise our property investment advisers and leverage off our developer relationships, to seek out property according to your own unique set of criteria.

Whether it is the acquisition of a single property, or an entire portfolio, our team is here to help.

Want to know more? Call our office on 1300 726 082 or contact us here to arrange an appointment with one of property investment advisers today.

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