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The Hopkins Group offer everyday Australians the opportunity to achieve property developer status without the hassle. Our end to end project management solution makes it easy for our time poor clients to develop property from the initial planning to completion.

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Our End To End Solution

Our team of advisers have built an end to end solution to help our clients become property developers. We achieve this by guiding you through the entire development process – from financial feasibility and site acquisition, right through to townhouse and detached multi-unit build, end sale and ongoing property management. Our in house team are equipped to manage absolutely everything so you can sit back and relax

Property Development Events

Want to learn how to become a property developer with our end to end solution? At our free event in Melbourne we take you through the six key stages involved in developing property from start to finish. We also explain the type of properties you can develop, if property development is suitable for your financial strategy and how you can mitigate risk and increase profit across the various stages of your project. We also share the strategies we use to choose the right builder and how much time you need to invest when you work with us.

Land Site Assessment

If you would like us to assess the development potential of a property you already own, please get in touch with one of our property development advisers today. We will discuss any questions you have and request a recent copy of the property title to help us investigate the project in more detail.

How-To Videos

Do you have some questions relating to property development? Chances are we have probably already answered them. Access our latest property development playlist and if we haven’t covered what you need we encourage you to get in touch.

Property Development services are provided by John Hopkins Property Pty Ltd – ABN 88 131 937 810

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