Self Managed Super Funds

A self managed super fund or SMSF is, as the name suggests, your own private super fund which is managed by you, or the members or trustees listed on the fund.

It is an option for those who want to have complete control and flexibility over their super. You control your money and make the decisions as to how your funds are invested and how the fund is to operate. A SMSF allows you to invest in a large range of investments including cash, shares, bonds and property. There are tax benefits associated with SMSFs and there may be cost savings in running your own SMSF Vs retail or industry super funds.

Once you have decided that an SMSF is appropriate for you, our accounting team can guide you through all components involved in establishing and managing an SMSF. We can do this by offering the following services:

For more information on establishing and managing an SMSF, please contact us today.

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