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Property in Super

You may have decided that you want to set up an SMSF to invest in residential property. Are you aware of all the regulations related to purchasing property in super? Our financial planning team can guide you through the process of purchasing property in super and help you decide whether this type of investment is right for you.

We will consider your financial strategy carefully, ensuring that property investment is consistent with the pre-agreed investment strategy and risk profile of your super fund.

We will walk you through everything you need to know about this type of investment, from understanding the Limited Recourse Borrowing Agreement (LRBA) you will need to be able to borrow from within the SMSF, to compliance rules regulating investments within SMSFs. If you decide that property in super is right for you, your financial planner will arrange for you to meet with one of our property investment advisers. Your adviser will work closely with your financial planner to understand your unique situation and provide recommendations on properties appropriate for your investment.

The Hopkins Group has over 35 years experience in providing property investment advice, recommending only properties that have passed our strict due diligence process. Find out more about our property investment services here, or contact us to discuss the potential of property in super with one of our financial planners today.

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