Australian Ethical Investments with Leah Willis

Mark Wenzel, Senior Financial Adviser | 21/09/2022



Talk Investments with Mark Wenzel speaks to Leah Willis, Head of Client Relationships with Australian Ethical.

Ethical, Socially Responsible or Conscious Capital are terms that are gaining important traction among investors. There has been a genuine shift in the desire of investors to have their superannuation and investment monies do better for society.

Australian Ethical is a leader in the field with over 30 years as an ethically conscious investment manager. They have a strong track record of meeting their ethical principals and performance which they put down to their unique structure with separate ethical and investment analysis teams.

This is a great podcast for anyone interested in their investment money being used for good. We discuss the challenges of managing ethically focused investment money, the impact it can have for a better society and why socially aware companies are likely to outperform in the future.

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