Investing in a High Yielding Rooming House Webinar

28 October

5:30pm to 6:30pm AEDT


It used to be if you heard the term “rooming house” investors would conjure associations with old Victorian-era boarding houses, or massive run-down properties with extensions tacked on to add more rooms – you might be surprised at the modern reality.

The fact is, the rooming houses being built today are often indistinguishable from some of the houses and townhomes you see on the streets of metro Melbourne – but step inside and you’ll find rooms set up like chic studio micro-apartments, generating multiple income streams for the people invested in them.

In this webinar, our Head of Specialised Property Steve Boyd will take you through the key considerations when investing in a rooming house project and will help you determine if this could be appropriate for your property investment strategy.

You will learn:

  • Some of the key differences between a standard residential dwelling and a rooming house (also known as a class 1B property)
  • See examples of recent projects we have worked on
  • Key features and benefits of a class 1B property
  • Finance requirements for a rooming house project
  • The rental demand for these properties
  • High rental yields and capital growth potential
  • Tax exemptions available to investors
  • Nil strata fees and planning permits
  • Site selection
  • Choosing the right design and builder
  • The time you need and how we help clients throughout the entire process

If you would like us to conduct an initial basic assessment of land you already own, please email an address to so we can review the zoning, overlays etc.

Or for further information, please contact us on 1300 726 082. We look forward to seeing you tuned in to this session.

Key Speakers

The Hopkins Group

Michael Williams

The Hopkins Group

Steve Boyd

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