New Rental Laws In Victoria And How They Impact Your Investment Property

16 June

5:30pm to 6:30pm

Online Webinar

This year the Victorian real estate industry has experienced rental reform like no other.

With a sweep of new updates to the Residential Tenancies Act shifting the compliance goal posts for agents and owners.

This year our team have been working hard behind the scenes to ensure we cover every one of the 132 changes to the Act.

So how have these changes impacted your investment property and how we manage it?

Our Head Of Property Management Lorena D’Amico will be highlighting the key changes impacting landlords in an upcoming webinar.

In this webinar we will make reference to:

  • Arrears and notices to vacate
  • Compliance
  • Grounds of Entry, Opens, Sales and Routine Inspections
  • Rental Property Modifications
  • Pets
  • Rental Agreement Terminations
  • Urgent Repairs and Maintenance
  • Terminology

Lorena will also be joined by Lauren Wilden-Ross and Brad Carlin-Smith who will provide a brief update on the Melbourne property rental/sales markets and share how they are performing post lockdown.






Key Speakers

The Hopkins Group

Lorena D'Amico

Head of our Property Management division, Lorena D’Amico has a wealth of knowledge from her 15 plus years working in the property management space.






The Hopkins Group

Lauren Wilden-Ross







The Hopkins Group

Brad Carlin-Smith







Discover new rental laws and how they impact your property investments

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