You are a thief! | April 2017 eBulletin Introduction

You are a thief!

You are a thief for potentially wanting to assist yourself and your family in their future comfort.

You are a tax cheat for taking actions which assist in providing housing for many other Australians.

You are a wealthy bludger living on the misgivings of first home buyers.

Apparently taking the risk and responsibility to provide for yourself in retirement is thievery.

For strongly supporting the development and construction industries and the economy generally by doing what you do, you should be ashamed!

Well… at least that’s what the shock jocks would have you believe.

Traditionally shock jocks are most often associated with commercial radio stations. Sometimes, they’re associated with other private media outlets which have been seen to be less than balanced – a status sometimes deserved.

However, you would hope that similar shock jocks do not exist in the tax payer owned media outlets (ABC, SBS, plus, plus). These outlets are meant to be represented by those supposedly politically balanced and reasonable individuals, right?

Surely these government paid presenters are individuals with fair mindedness and intellectual superiority (definitely you’d think this while listening to them, that many believe this of themselves)?

However, so often they and the other club members of their organisations shove their black or white, often politically left opinions at their employers, the Australian citizens. And in this way, we find ourselves with tax-payer funded shock jocks.

Whilst Jon Faine (among others) is obviously very intelligent, educated, experienced, often caring and sometimes respectful to his interviewees, I do not believe that he represents you, the genuine long term property investor for what you are (or hope to be).

It is sickening and disheartening for many in your position to have it inferred that you are any and/or all of these things. A thief, a bludger, a cheat.

Frankly, I am disgusted with the way certain politicians and certain sections of the media represent individuals that reasonably and genuinely claim tax deductions for purchasing appropriate long term negatively geared property investments.

Shooting at you as a selfish greedy person for doing what you can to provide for your, or perhaps your family’s, future is unjust. It certainly suits many politicians and media people to do so, but you should not accept this as punishment for being an informed investor.

It is a disgrace not to applaud you.

It is political convenience and shock jock rhetoric to appeal to the many. It is engaging the ‘tall poppy syndrome’. It is a scandal.

It’s time for you to speak up and let the vilification stop.

Negative gearing is not a single sided conversation.


P.S The above is about you, but there is not enough room to discuss some of the ridiculous assumptions these politicians and shock jocks make about these matters, especially in regard to solving housing shortages, both rental and owner occupied, the impact on construction and development industries, and how to enable individuals to genuinely balance their long term investment strategies from the all too unpredictable stock markets, economies and happenings around the world.

Many of them don’t care; they just want you to listen to them, buy their papers and sell PR headlines or to be politically convenient.


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