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How to apply for NRAS in 10 simple steps


Are you getting bogged down when trying to submit your application for a property under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS)? Let us help make the process easy for you.

Step 1
Check that you’re eligible

Ensure that you earn below the income cut off for your household composition (check out current limits here).

Income levels are assessed against gross income limits, according to the household composition; that is, everyone who tenants the property. Everyone who is to live in the NRAS home must have their income included as a member of the household.

When first applying for an NRAS property, the household’s gross income for the 12 months prior to commencement of tenancy must be equal to or less than the relevant income limit for the household’s composition (i.e. the first column in the table above). After tenanting the property, household income may then increase above the income limit. However, a dwelling ceases to be eligible for an incentive if the tenants’ household income exceeds the applicable household income limit by 25 per cent or more in two consecutive eligibility years (i.e. the second column in the table above).

Step 2
Get in touch with the property manager

Contact the listed property manager, to provide you with an NRAS application. Note that NRAS applications are NOT completed on 1Form as per other properties; there is an alternative application process.

Step 3
Read everything in detail

Once you have received the NRAS application from the agent, please ensure you read through ALL documents carefully as there is a lot of information that needs to be provided along with supporting documentation.

If you fail to submit all documentation, the process will take longer and you will run the risk of losing the property to somebody who has supplied all the relevant documents.

Step 4
Complete the NRAS Income Questionnaire

Fill in the NRAS Income Questionnaire (provided with application forms).

Step 5
Fill in the tenant consent form

In the address section you need to put in the address of the property that you are applying for, not the property where you are currently living.

Please leave the Dwelling ID and Housing Provider sections of the form blank, as these are for the property manager to complete.

Step 6
Fill in the residential tenancy agreement

This must be completed with all of your details, employment and rental history. Please leave the NRAS tenancy checklist blank for your property manager to complete.

Step 7
Prepare and supply all supporting documentation

In order to finalise your tenancy application there are a range of documents that are needed in order to support your application.

We require:

Primary documents

Gross (before tax) employment income (from all employers)

  • 12 months’ worth of bank statements
  • Three recent payslips
  • PAYG payment summary or Notice of Assessment for financial year ended 30 June 2017.

If you are self-employed we will require proof of income

  • Profit and loss statement for 12 month prior to assessment period
  • Statutory declaration confirming the net income for the 12 month period prior to assessment period
  • Business account bank statement

If you receive Centrelink Allowances and Pensions

  • Centrelink payment history report for 12 months prior to the assessment period
  • Most recent income statement

Other documents

If you have received financial support from family/friends

  • Statutory declaration confirming the source of income and the amounts received during the 12 month period

If you received a scholarship or grant

  • Letter from the institution providing the scholarship or grant and confirming of the amount being paid

All other income

  • Statutory declaration confirming the source of income and the amount received during the 12 month period prior to assessment

No Income

  • Statutory declaration confirming that no income was received from any source during the 12 month period prior to entering a lease.

Step 8
Submit your application

Once you have the documents required for your situation please send through an email to your property manager, with all documents attached, or come into our office to hand in a hard copy of your application. Supplying all documentation all at once makes the process much faster and you have a better chance of being approved.

Once we have received your application in full, we will process this for review with the housing provider.

Step 9
Wait for your eligibility to be confirmed

Once confirmation of eligibility is received from the housing provider, we will put forward your application for approval by the owner. The assigned property manager will call to update you of the outcome, usually within 48 hours of receiving eligibility and approval.

The NRAS application does take some time, so patience is key during this process. Once the application is lodged with the housing provider, it does become a waiting game – but you can be assured that you will be kept you informed as updates become available.

Step 10
Owner approves application

Once you’ve met eligibility and have been approved by the owner, CONGRATULATIONS! You’re now ready to organise a move in date and settle in to your new home.

NRAS can be confusing – but carefully following these steps can simplify the process. If you have any questions about NRAS or about current rental availability, please do not hesitate to contact The Hopkins Group today!

Want to learn more about NRAS? Watch this helpful video for an overview of the scheme and what you need to know before applying. 

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