Financial Adviser Partnership Program

We are the leading holistic financial and property services firm in Australia with over 43 years of industry experience and a well-established professional network. We empower our financial advisers to motivate and assist our clients to live and achieve a lifestyle of their choice. We do this by providing our advisers the support and resources needed to deliver exemplary financial services and products correct to the client’s circumstances.

Our Purpose

Since 1981, our corporate purpose is focused on the provision of a integrated and holistic approach to wealth-building. A client-centric firm, we pride ourselves in the delivery of impactful and correct services and products to our clients with their financial well-being leading to financial independence at the centre of what we do.

Our Holistic Service Mix

Our seamlessly integrated, holisitic service mix enables our advisors the capability to provide to clients a end-to-end wealth building solution.

With financial advisors at the heart and as the conduit of all our services, we ensure that our client’s financial-wellbeing and independence is always at the forefront of what we do.

Why Partner With Us

The Hopkins Group is backed by a 4.5-star rating and thousands of positive reviews from clients.
Here are Four reasons why we are the best:

An Award-Winning Firm

Four decades of hard work and dedication to our holistic approach led us to be recognised by some of the most prestigious
award-giving bodies in Australia.

Our Key Achievements

Below are the key figure millstones we have achieved in 2022

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