12 Days of Christmas

We’re well and truly into the festive spirit here at The Hopkins Group, and have asked around our teams to give you our very sensible yet sometimes outside-the-square take on the traditional 12 Days of Christmas.

From our family to yours, we wish you all the happiness this holiday period.


 Property management team

On the first day of Christmas, my financial planner gave to me … a handy glossary of terms to get my head around some investment jargon.

On the second day of Christmas, my property manager gave to me … ten reasons why their team is the best choice to look after my investment property.


On the third day of Christmas, my accountant gave to me … tips for how to determine whether or not my Christmas holiday is actually tax deductible.

On the fourth day of Christmas my property adviser gave to me … the best locations in Melbourne to see festive lights shining brightly.


On the fifth day of Christmas my mortgage adviser gave to me … a recipe to build my own house #mustkeepsaving

On the sixth day of Christmas, my financial planner gave to me . . . a link to download the TrackMySPEND app so I could monitor my festive budget.


On the seventh day of Christmas my property manager gave to me… ways to “décor-rent” this festive season while keeping my landlord happy.

On the eighth day of Christmas my accountant gave to me … answers to some frequently asked questions that could help me realise my financial potential.


On the ninth day of Christmas my financial planner gave to me … four tips to survive Christmas and stay debt free.

On the tenth day of Christmas my property investment adviser gave to me … hope that apartment living may be the answer to living happily.


On the eleventh day of Christmas, my financial planner gave to me … access to the Bubbles, Beers and Budgeting Facebook Group to connect with fellow Gen Ys starting out on their financial journey.

On the twelfth day of Christmas, The Hopkins Group gave to me … a playlist of festive tunes to enjoy with my family.

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