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At The Hopkins Group we are dedicated to assisting in the management of houses and apartments on The National Rental Affordibility Scheme (NRAS). We understand the importance of this programme tackling the affordable housing shortage across Melbourne and other major cities across Australia.

This Government strategy aims to bridge the affordablity gap for lower income earners by offering purchasers the ability to recieve tax free financial benefits for investors who build and/or rent their property to low and middle income households up to 20% below market rate.

The level of construction and support from the Australian Government in regards to tackling housing supply has been quite significant with the injection of $1 billion between 2008 and 2013. Close to 40,000 rental properties nationally were listed and financed through the rental affordability scheme in 2019 alone.

Our NRAS Property Management Expertise

The Hopkins Group manages a large number of NRAS properties across Victoria on behalf of landlords and are constantly in regular communication with perspective and existing tenants. If you are an NRAS investor or someone looking to purchase an NRAS property we are well placed to help you with ongoing property management. We manage everything from intial inspections and open home marketing to ongoing routine inspections and rent reviews.

Why is NRAS benefitial for investors?

In return for investors applying rents 20% below market rate, the government provides a number of benefits for owning an NRAS property, including:

  • A 10 year monetary grant.
  • A refundable tax offset if rent is derived from an NRAS property claimable at tax return time.
  • Typically these properties are cashflow positive investments (subject to cashflow and tax circusmtances).
  • Government incentives are passed directly from approved providers to investors.
  • Investors who no longer wish to participate in the scheme can sell their property before the 10 years are up without incurring any government penalties.

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