S3 Global Opportunities Fund – Anthony Doyle

S3 Global Opportunities Fund – Anthony Doyle, | 25/10/2022

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Mark Wenzel speaks to Anthony Doyle from S3 Global Opportunities Fund by Firetrail.

S3 is a sustainable fund that focuses on identifying companies whose earnings are going to grow while making a positive difference to society. S3 is not constrained by ratings agencies, preferring to research companies who will improve their ESG ratings over a 5 year time frame while increasing their earnings.

S3 is different to most ESG funds in the market. The discussion with Anthony fleshes the differences out with examples of current holdings in the fund, the process that is followed for inclusion, why sustainable earnings are a crucial component of decision making and why S3 is a concentrated fund.

This is a great episode for investors looking for an ESG fund that focuses on sustainable, growing earnings and making positive change in society.

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