Financial Planning

A sound financial strategy is about more than money – it’s about providing freedom and choice. We’re dedicated to breaking down barriers, providing quality tailored advice specific to you, your goals and motivations.

Financial Planning


Knowing where your money is going and how to budget correctly to achieve your goals are important steps in achieving financial independence and financial wellbeing. Our financial advisers can assist you with discovering and managing your personal/household cashflow and make recommendations on how this can be improved. We can also work with you to develop achievable budgets, in order to assist you in comfortably reaching your goals and help you take control of your financial situation.


Unless you have been in a deep sleep for the last 30 years you will know super is money put aside to help support you in retirement. There are various ways money can be contributed to your fund and a number of investment strategies and vehicles available to grow your super over time. Our financial planning team can assist you with understanding and growing your super, so it can work better for you in retirement.


In assisting you to reach your financial goals, our financial advisers can provide advice on various investment vehicles you may wish to explore. Carefully considered within the context of your financial plan, we can make recommendations and arrange the acquisition of various investment assets, including direct shares and managed funds, property, appropriate tax structures and borrowing to invest.


In life we don’t always like to think about worst case scenarios or mitigating risk. For complete peace of mind our financial planners will highlight the importance of reviewing your insurance cover in the event something does go wrong. We can help you find a policy appropriate for your needs, covering you with income protection, total and permanent disablement, trauma cover, and/or life insurance, just to name a few.


It’s very easy to put off thinking about retirement and what you need to do to get there. We are here to start the conversation and help you plan for your retirement before life throws you a curveball. Our financial planning team can map out your retirement strategy and get you to the number you need to ease into retirement. We can also explore your access to the government social security benefits and help you accumulate wealth for future aged care support.

Financial Planning advice is provided by John Hopkins Financial Services Pty Ltd – ABN 21 109 346 625, Corporate Authorised Representative of Sentry Advice Pty Ltd AFSL: 227748

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