Financial Planning

What are your financial goals? In order to assist you create and accumulate wealth, we need to understand your goals and motivations. And it isn’t just your financial goals we go through, but your life goals as well. Our team will work with you to discover where you are now, where you want to be and how we can work together to get you there. Only once we understand what makes you tick, can we begin to work well for you. We offer a broad range of services in house, so you won’t be limited in your path to financial success. We want you to achieve your goals, in a way that makes sense for you. In order to assist you achieve your goals, we provide our clients access to the following services;

  • Budgeting and Cashflow Support
  • Superannuation Review and Advice
  • Investment Review and Advice
  • Insurance Review and Advice
  • Retirement Planning
  • Mortgages and Finance
  • Accounting and Tax
  • Property Investment Advice

No matter your strategy, you will not be alone – we will touch base with you along the way to ensure your strategy is still working for you. We know that life doesn’t always follow a straight path, so through regular reviews we can make the necessary adjustments to ensure you reach your goals. To find out more or to arrange a no obligation consultation with one of our financial planners, please contact us on 1300 726 082 or click here to arrange an appointment.

Budgeting and Cashflow Support

Knowing where your money is going and how to budget correctly to achieve your goals are important steps in achieving financial independence and financial wellbeing. Our financial planners can assist you with discovering and managing your personal/household cashflow, and make recommendations on how it  can be improved.

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Our Australian Financial Services Licensee

Our Australian Financial Services Licensee (AFSL No: 326450) is Wealthsure Financial Services Pty Ltd. All financial advisers must operate under an Australian Financial Services Licence. Wealthsure Financial Services Pty Ltd Australian Financial Services Licensee License No. 326450 ACN. 130 288 578 Head Office: Level 1, 190 Stirling Street PERTH WA 6000


Superannuation, or super, is money that is put into a fund over your working lifetime to help support you in retirement. There are various ways money can be contributed to the fund and a number of investment strategies and vehicles that can be used to grow your super over time. Our financial planning team can assist you with understanding and growing your super so that it can work better for you in retirement, through a number of services, including:

  • Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advice
  • Property in Super
  • Consolidation/Rollover Advice and Lost Super
  • Asset Allocation and Management Advice

Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) Advice

A self managed super fund or SMSF is, as the name suggests, your own private super fund which you manage yourself. It is an option for those who want to have complete control over their super.

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Property in Super

You may have decided that you want to set up an SMSF to invest in residential property. Are you aware of all the regulations related to purchasing property in super? Our financial planning team can guide you through the process of purchasing property in super and help you decide whether this type of investment is right for you.

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Consolidation/Rollover Advice

Do you have multiple super accounts that you struggle to keep track of? Consolidating or rolling over your super into a single account is one way many people decide to take control of their super.

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Asset Allocation and Management Advice

Many super funds have their own investment strategies, which place their members into certain predefined categories. We know that sometimes this approach isn’t the best way to grow your super, as it doesn’t necessarily take into account your personal goals and circumstances.

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Investment Advice

In assisting you reach your financial goals, our financial planners can provide advice on various investment vehicles you may wish to explore. Carefully considered within the context of your financial plan, we can make recommendations and arrange with you the acquisition of various investment assets including:

  • Direct Shares and Managed Funds
  • Property Investment
  • Tax Structures Appropriate to Your Investments
  • Borrowing to Invest

Direct Share and Managed Fund Investment Advice

Working closely with your tailored investment strategy, our financial planners have access to the wealth of stocks available through the Australian Securities Exchange to transact in the buying/selling of direct shares on your behalf.

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Property Investment

Purchasing your first home may be one of the goals that you discuss with your financial adviser. You may already have equity in property and want to break into the property market as an investor, hoping to one-day build an extensive portfolio.

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Tax Structures Appropriate to Your Investments

Working closely with our accounting team, our financial planners can provide advice on how to minimise your tax liability through the strategic structuring of your investments. Each investor’s circumstances are different, which means each investment structure is different.

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Borrowing to Invest

For those with enough income, borrowing to invest is one path that you may wish to explore. Borrowing to invest, also known as gearing, is a way of obtaining additional funds to invest, with the hope of gaining significant returns in the longer term.

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Insurance Advice

When planning your finances, it is important to protect yourself in the event something should go wrong. The Hopkins Group offers the following insurance services that can assist in protecting your finances:

  • Personal Insurance
  • Risk Management

Personal Insurance

What would happen to your finances if you were left unable to work? How would your family cope financially should you suddenly die? These are not pleasant questions, but they’re the first to be asked when considering personal insurance.

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Risk Management

Identifying risks in order to manage uncertainty is an important consideration should you wish to reduce your reliance on insurance. By managing potential risks, the hope is that the need to make an insurance claim is lessened and your premiums may be lowered.

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Retirement Planning

When do you want to retire? Do you know how much you will need to retire comfortably? Let us help you plan your retirement. Our financial planning team can help you map out your retirement strategy through a number of services including:

  • Pre and Post Retirement Strategies
  • Aged Care and Social Security Advice

Pre and Post Retirement Strategies

One of the first steps in planning your retirement is determining how much money you will need to do so comfortably. Our financial planners will help you determine this value taking into account various factors specific to your lifestyle and circumstances.

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Aged Care and Social Security Advice

We are an ageing population and the average life expectancy is increasing. As such, more and more people are considering a future where they may have to rely on aged care or support. However aged care can be expensive, and without proper planning and advice it can place a heavy burden on your finances or those of your family.

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