Rooming Houses

Whether you're looking for a specialist rooming house manager/operator to manage your property or would like to explore building or purchasing a new rooming house, our leading rooming house services are here to service your every need. Our specialist rooming house team has more than a decade's experience managing rooming houses across Victoria.

Rooming House Investment End-To-End Solution


The Hopkins Group offers specialised property services for those looking to enter the class 1B property space. From discussing your individual goals and understanding whether this property option is right for you, helping you source land, conduct feasibility assessments, connect you with the right builders to construct quality studio micro-apartments, to managing the property, we’re here to help you achieve your goals.


A 60-minute no-obligation discussion where we delve into the return profile of rooming house accommodation, get a greater understanding of your financial situation, create a personalised action plan and answer your questions.


We will prepare a high-level overview of your expected returns so you have a clear view of how this investment will work for you over time. Our in-house mortgage advisers can also help finance your project with access to over 40 different lenders.


We will compare a number of suitable locations and obtain access to any overlays, suburb data, and pricing to ensure the site aligns with your strategy.


Our team will work with you to determine the final design. This could be something from our previous catalogue or a design customised to meet your project goals. Our aim is always to maximise the site space as much as we can while meeting current regulations.


We only partner with experienced builders who have proven time and time again they can produce an excellent rooming house product. Having these great relationships allow us to take care of the full construction process and provide you with regular progress updates.

Rooming House Management Services


In addition to managing standard residential tenancies, The Hopkins Group has a dedicated team of rooming house experts, on board to negotiate the challenges and compliance needs of managing multiple tenancies in a single dwelling. Our specialised rooming house property management service encompasses all services included for our standard residential properties plus regular maintenance, record keeping of essential safety measures as required by the occupancy permit, and ongoing cleaning of common areas. All this is done while adhering to the minimum standards outlined by the Residential Tenancies (Rooming House Standards) Regulations 2012.


Due to the nature of rooming houses the process of finding a tenant needs to be streamlined and efficent to minimise vacancy. That’s why we have a dedicated leasing consultant– listing your property online, holding regular open for inspections, and conducting reference checks to ensure we minimise vacancy and place the best renters possible. All our properties are advertised on Australia’s leading real estate platforms including, Domain and

Social media is another avenue we utilise to attract new tenants. Our Facebook, YouTube, Instagram and blogs expand your investments exposure.

Above and beyond this, we also advertise on our own website, making it easy for potential tenants to find – and apply for – our rooming house properties.


Whether it’s an initial sign up to your newly purchased rooming house or a simple renewal at the end of the lease, our team is on the ball to make this a seamless operation. Likewise, we proactively advise on rent reviews based on market conditions, supply and demand.


The Hopkins Group maintains the ongoing professional management of your rooming house, by keeping the lines of communication open between you and your renters. Your dedicated property manager works to ensure rent continues to be paid in a timely manner, conducts regular routine inspections and attends to ongoing maintenance requests – all while ensuring we abide by the current legislation.


We run routine inspections two times a year and provide a report, including photos, to our landlords outlining any issues and maintenance concerns.

Landlords are invited to attend these inspections but should they not be available, we pay particular attention to condition reports to ensure our landlords’ investments are being looked after to a high standard.


Let us take the hassle out of paperwork and manage all the payment of the incoming bills associated with your investment property. Council rates, emergency services levy – we’ve got it all covered and take it out of your incoming rental payments to save you the trouble.


Our trust accountant takes care of all your finance reporting, providing you with monthly rent statements and an end of year report to make doing your tax a breeze!


The Hopkins Group is equipped to manage properties certified under the National Rental Affordability Scheme (NRAS), with more than 50 of these properties under active management.


Get a comprehensive snapshot of your property portfolio at the click of a button, with complimentary access to our Rental Provider Portal. Linked with a state of the art property management system, you’ll get full transparency over our management of your rental property.

Renters aren’t left out, they can submit detailed maintenance requests, track existing maintenance items, and view their rental ledger, routine inspection reports and entry notices – at any time, right from their smart phone!


There might be times when a dispute arises over a matter concerning your property. It could be instigated by the tenant or you might start proceedings yourself. Whatever the issue, we can work with both parties to try and come to a mutually agreeable solution.

Should it progress to the Victorian Civil and Administrative Tribunal (VCAT), our experienced property portfolio managers are able to represent you as our clients.


Thanks to our relationships with a network of service providers, we are able to refer you on to our partners to help out with things like landlords insurance, smoke alarm maintenance and building inspections during the pre-settlement of off-the-plan properties.


The Hopkins Group has earned a reputation as experts in Melbourne’s inner urban areas – both as property investment advisers and property managers.

We have a finger on the pulse of local amenities and transport infrastructure and because of our niche portfolio in some of Melbourne’s most desirable suburbs, we have intimate knowledge of the local neighbourhood including market rates for rental prices.

Stay up to date with the latest news and insights from The Hopkins Group, as it happens.


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