Rooming Houses

Whether you're looking for a specialist rooming house manager/operator to manage your property or would like to explore building or purchasing a new rooming house, our leading rooming house services are here to service your every need.

Rooming House Management Services


In addition to managing standard residential tenancies, The Hopkins Group has a dedicated team of rooming house experts, on board to negotiate the challenges and compliance needs of managing multiple tenancies in a single dwelling. Our specialised rooming house property management service encompasses all services included for our standard residential properties plus regular maintenance, record keeping of essential safety measures as required by the occupancy permit, and ongoing cleaning of common areas. All this is done while adhering to the minimum standards outlined by the Residential Tenancies (Rooming House Standards) Regulations 2012.


Our specialist rooming house team has more than a decade’s experience managing rooming houses across Victoria.


The Hopkins Group offers two models for our rooming house clients. These are:

Property Management Model

  • You will require an operator license and we will nominate a representative for this license
  • We take care of the leasing and management of your investment property

Rooming House Operator Model

  • We take care of everything associated with your rooming house investment
  • Our rooming house operator license is activated, and our team manage these responsibilities
  • We monitor and adhere to the Residential Tenancies Act, Rooming House Act, Public Health and Wellbeing Act and other relevant legislation
  • Comply with all council and state government legislation and regulations
  • Conduct necessary safety checks and communicate with council and government offices

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