Aaron Walshe

Provisional Financial Adviser

(03) 8631 0405


Aaron Walshe is a Provisional Financial Adviser at The Hopkins Group. He joined the team as a part time Administration Assistant in 2018 whilst completing his Commerce / Law degrees. Since then, he has been promoted to several times and completed a Master of Financial Planning degree.

After six years at university, four years at The Hopkins Group and hundreds of client meetings alongside Senior Financial Advisers, Aaron is now authorised to provide advice.

Aaron is passionate about developing strategies and pathways for clients that are easy to implement and easy to understand. He views the role of a Financial Adviser as similar to that of a coach. Helping clients make the right decisions, at the right time to produce the best possible outcome for them. He takes pride in his ability to sort through the complexities of a client’s financial situation and the opportunities and risks that present themselves and break it down into a series of simple decisions.

In his spare time Aaron enjoys sports (North Melbourne supporter), reading fantasy novels and playing board games with friends. He is also the proud owner of two kittens, Merry and Pippin.