Devon SL Nicholl

Marketing Manager

03 8631 0425


Devon SL Nicholl is a narrative and consumer journey marketer with over eight years of experience in corporate marketing with a specialisation in brand narrative and consumer empowerment.

Devon joined The Hopkins Group in 2022 and brought with him to the group a client-centric, storytelling-focused marketing approach. He also brought with him a broad and diverse range of marketing & communication experience across multiple industries and landscapes. Before joining The Hopkins Group, he held several senior marketing positions across credit management, luxury retail, FMCG wholesales, manufacturing distribution, and not-for-profits.

As the group’s Marketing leader, Devon is focused on the continued growth of The Hopkins Group’s overall brand and marketing strategy.

As a narrative marketer, he is also focused on continuously developing the group’s client journey and experience through a wide range of marketing tactics, including digital marketing, social media marketing, paid marketing, ATL & BTL marketing, content marketing, search engine (SEO) marketing, print marketing, email marketing, direct marketing and direct consumer relationship marketing.

Devon is also an experienced personal brand facilitator with expertise in the strategising and execution of marketing and communication tactics that helps improve personal branding.

As a seasoned marketer and communicator, he aims to foster and facilitate a brand that will ultimately build a meaningful, powerful, and long-lasting connection with clients through consumer empowerment.

Devon completed his Bachelor of Communications and Bachelor of Social Science at Swinburne University of Technology in 2014 and his Master of Communications at RMIT in 2016. Devon is a PRIA and HKIM member and a registered mentor under the RMIT mentorship program.