James Hickey

Business Development Manager

   03 8631 0415

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James Hickey is the Business Development Manager at The Hopkins Group.

James commenced his career in property in 2010 after deciding to leave the hospitality industry. In his search for something different, James landed in a real estate sales role and it ignited a passion for property and working directly with clients.

After three years of real estate sales he made the move to property management, working briefly at The Hopkins Group as a property manager, before moving to Auckland New Zealand where he had the opportunity to run his own property management department. Coming back home, James re-joined The Hopkins Group again in June 2020 as a Business Development Manager.

James Hickey works to develop strong relationships with investors who are on the lookout for exemplary property management services and takes each day as a new opportunity to grow.

James is certified with Agents Representative Certificate.

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