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Intermede Investment Partners with James Kim

Talk Investment with Mark Wenzel speaks to James Kim from Intermede Investment Partners. Intermede manage around 25% of our allocation to global equities.

This is a fantastic discussion with James about Intermede, how they manage money, their core philosophies, identifying long-term growth compounders and sticking to your beliefs in difficult times.

This is an insightful discussion that will build on your investment knowledge and make you think about how you manage your own portfolio.

Compound your wisdom!

Schroder Private Equity – Claire Smith

Talk Investment with Mark Wenzel speaks to Schroder Alternatives Director about their private equity fund.

Private Equity is an asset class favoured by large investors such as The Future Fund and Industry Super Funds due to its stable returns, long-term investing horizon and the quality of the companies available.

We talk everything private equity, the 3 areas they focus their investments, how they identify opportunities, leverage, their history and how they see the future for private equity.

This is a great episode to expand your investment horizon.

Compound your wisdom!

Hyperion Australian Growth Fund – Jason Orthman

Talk Investment with Mark Wenzel speaks to Jason Orthman from Hyperion about their Australian Growth Fund.

This is a powerful episode of the Talk Investment podcast. We cover all the major current and long term issues affecting investors. We delve deep into how returns are generated by a few companies, how to identify those opportunities, how to see through the noise of markets to stick with the winners, holding periods, compounding and much more.

This is a must listen to episode from a manager who is very clear on their investment process and vision for their portfolios.

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Financial Market Update – March 2022 Wrap-Up

March saw the Australian share market outperform most global markets on the back of strength in Banks and Resources companies which are the largest on the market. Resource stocks were up 10.2% and the banking sector was up 10%. The biggest moves in the resource sector were seen from Fortescue Metals, South32 and Independence Group. The moves in resources are on the back of a fall in supply of metals that Russia and the Ukraine usually supply to the world. While this is a shorter term reason, the strength of the global economy is driving demand for commodities. If you use current prices when valuing resource companies, earnings upgrades will continue which should drive resource company prices higher.

Australia is a beneficiary of the demand for commodities, and we expect the Australian market to continue to outperform less resource focused markets in the medium term. Our expectation is that demand for commodities will push up the Australian Dollar (rose 3.5% in March but is down 1.4% over 12 months). The strength in commodities flows through to the broader economy with the government forecasting a positive outlook in the budget released during the month.

The Technology sector was the best performing sector for the month after a difficult start to the year. Square (formerly Afterpay) was the best performing stock rising 19.3% after reporting strong earnings growth, Wisetec was up 17.3% and Computershare up 14%. The worst performing sector was AREITs which were up 1.5% for the month due to the rising bond yields. This is a short-term adjustment with the strength of the economy to drive rents higher in the future.

Turning to property, residential rents are recovering fast. The vacancy rates in residential property around the country is being reported at the lowest level on record, which is leading and will continue to lead to rent increases in the future. Rent increases lag due to rental agreements rolling over, it is important that you review your rent when your lease is up and seek advice from The Hopkins Group property team to make sure you are getting rents appropriate for your property.

There is an undersupply of property in Australia which will only be exasperated by the return of immigration. If you are in the market for investment property, we have a range of options to find a property that will meet your needs. We have the skill in house to advise you on buying established property through our buyers advocacy team and buying new property which requires careful consideration due to the rising prices and the quality of the development team.

Global equity markets were higher with Latin America up 6.6% and Japan up 5%. The worst performing global indices were China down 7.7% and Emerging markets down 2.2%. China has shut down major cities to maintain its Zero COVID policy and lower growth forecasts of 5.5%. Emerging markets typically struggle when commodity prices rise as they are net importers of commodities including oil, which has risen significantly in recent months. The NASDAQ rose 3.5%, recovering some of its losses over the last couple of months.

Bond yields continue to rise across the global with inflation driving expectations for higher interest rates. If inflation works its way into peoples expectations, inflation will be a permanent feature of our economic future. Wages has the biggest impact on inflation and we are starting to see wage increases globally. The bond market gave a signal that there may be a recession in 12 months time when the 3 year US bond yield was higher than the 10 year bond yield. This is not a fool proof indicator but could highlight a long term slowing of the US economy or to my mind, could indicate that inflation is going to short lived and that the COVID stimulus will work through the economy and inflation will fall back to levels acceptable to central banks.

2022 Federal Budget changes to impact First Home Buyers

The 2022 Federal Budget announcement didn’t throw up too many surprises, however, there was certainly some good news for first home buyers.

One major announcement was the continuation and expansion of the New Home Guarantee Scheme.

This scheme was introduced back in 2020 to support eligible first home buyers to purchase their first home sooner.

How does the New Home Guarantee (NHG) Scheme work?

Usually, first home buyers with less than a 20% deposit need to pay lenders mortgage insurance.

Under this scheme, part of an eligible first home buyer’s home loan from a participating lender will be guaranteed by NHFIC.

This is aimed at enabling you to purchase your first home sooner with as little as a 5% deposit.

What is changing?

The government are more than doubling the number of eligible NHG places on offer to 50,000 per annum for the next 3 years.

10,000 of the spots will be reserved for a new regional home guarantee, that will support eligible citizens and permanent residents who have not owned a home for five years to purchase a new home in a regional location with a minimum five per cent deposit.

What type of home can I purchase under this scheme?

  • Newly constructed dwellings
  • Off-the-plan dwellings
  • House and land packages
  • Land and a separate contract to build a new home

The second big announcement was confirmed changes to the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) which was also introduced to combat housing affordability for first home buyers.

How does the First Home Super Saver Scheme (FHSSS) work?

The FHSSS lets first home buyers build a deposit inside their super, giving them a tax cut and boosting the savings they can put towards a deposit.

What is changing?

From July 1, the maximum amount of voluntary contributions that can be released under the FHSSS will be increased from $30,000 to $50,000.

We are here to help with all your lending needs

If you are looking to reassess how much you can borrow to purchase your first home after these announcements, please reach out to Loreen at First Things First.

Loreen has access to over 40 different lenders and can quickly ascertain your borrowing capacity and who the best lender is to suit your circumstances.

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